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New Rutgers CMSI and Human Rights Campaign Report Highlights Ground-Breaking LGBTQ+ Inclusion Efforts at HBCUs (3241 hits)

by Alberto Morales

The Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions (CMSI) in collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation is proud to announce the release ‘Modeling Inclusion: HBCUs and LGBTQ+ Support,’ a research brief examining the ground-breaking steps that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are taking to establish LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices on their campuses. The research brief highlights several institutions including Bowie State University, North Carolina Central University (NCCU), Spelman College, and other HBCUs that are doing exemplary work in this regard and includes a list of recommendations on how to create LGBTQ+ inclusive campus environments. This report is a part of a partnership between HRC and CMSI seeking to encourage more HBCUs to invest in LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts.

"It is inspiring to see so many HBCUs take historic steps to foster an environment of inclusion for LGBTQ+ students. This is exactly the sort of future we envisioned when we first started our inclusion work with HBCUs 15 years ago. But there is still much more to be done before all LGBTQ+ students at HBCUs can feel safe and welcome at the schools they call home. As we continue this work, it is our hope that the successful models highlighted in our report will encourage more schools to invest in LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts." said Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President.

For 15 years, the HRC Foundation’s HBCU Program has mobilized and supported HBCUs in enhancing policies and services that promote excellence in LGBTQ inclusion, equity, and engagement.

Brandy Jones, Director for Programs and Communications at the Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions and lead author of the research brief, said, "Inclusive policies and practices yield positive outcomes across several metrics, including retention rates, academic success and student happiness. Further, by committing to provide a safe and supportive environment for LBGTQ+ students, HBCUs can start to map a future where they can attract the best and brightest no matter their s*xuality or gender expression and positively impact the lives of their future alumni."

The report explores four critical areas that foster an environment of equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ students:
* Institutional admissions
* Health and wellness
* Student life and student engagement
* Housing

The report highlights a number of HBCUs that are leading exemplary inclusion efforts, schools like Spelman College where they have established a trans-inclusive admissions policy, Bowie State University, where they have established the first HBCU LGBTQ health center and North Carolina Central University who is now the second HBCU to open an LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bis*xual, Trans, and Ally) center.

To read more about the report and to view the report, go to

Posted By: Reggie Culpepper
Wednesday, December 9th 2020 at 7:21PM
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DECEMBER 12, 2020

Right now there are individuals swearing that out of every 3 black and brown men are being killed. https://youtu.be/q4FHHppVcsI. This is a fact and there is no doubt that blackmen are being sacrificed daily inside the U.S. and elsewhere. One of the reasons this is taking place despite proper teaching and guidance from parents who have been stripped of 99.9% of parental rights, is that very wealthy and evil black people are behind it. They too have made deals with Sumerian gods. These so-called black people believe and hold mantras claiming it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven. Black people have been murdered for decades prior to the rule of Donald Trump, but many will have you to believe that Trump is responsible for all black deaths. Throughout the 1990's blackmen were being sacrificed Satanic rituals in prisons like Red Onion Prison, Wallens Ridge Prison, and the list goes on (Valuable evidence have been supplied by Corrections Officers who no longer work at these facilities). These prisons resides within the Commenwealth of Virginia. Pretty much like whats going on throughout the entire U.S. right now, collusion was/is i9mportant. Everyone had to be telling the same stories and camera surveillance could be manipulated. In 2020, even though alot is going on in Virginia, white supremacistsm who gave birth to the Democractic Partie, continue their rolls as actors and actresses in hopes of tricking blacks to believe they can work on fair ground. They will never acceopt being ruled by any other race. Instead, they damnd to rule over all others. All across the U.S., when a black person is in some sort of position of power and hundreds or thousands of Euro-americans has to answer to black leadership, only 1% of them actually accept the bloack leadership. There are those who try to find fault in black leadership so that they can overthrow that leadership. If or when they fail there are those who contemplate assassination. President Lincoln once said that when blacks and Euro-americans are integrated one would try and dominate the other. Lincoln claimed that this is the way it would be as long as the two shared earth. Some tried mixing in with blacks in hopes of giving their expressing their love and devotion to their mates. But secret societies had different ideas. The first thing they came up with was the ole Dred Scott rule claiming that if a Euro-american had a certain amount of black blood in their genes then they would be termed mulattos.

The mulattos was favored over their stronger genetic parents and was used to further divide the people. Today, similar things are happening which is making it very difficult for people to trust each other and work together against the New World Order. This conspiracy was from the many works of various freemasonic Worshipful Masters and many from other secret societies. Take for an instance in the thread I posted entitled, "CRUSHING BLACK PEOPLE NOT CONNECTED TO SECRET SOCIETIES AND SYNDICATES", it was reported that a euro-american, who is an Air Force veteran, nearly 70 years of age, and who drove a green van with Ohio license plates: HYZ-4134, and who goes by the name of Charles Cyphert, tried to run over blacks and latinos when they are crossing the streets. People in Lakewood and Elyria who knows Charles Cyphert claimed that he is a very strategic white supremacist. He not only screams out of his window calling hispanics "spics" and blacks "nigg--s", but he daily visits known white supremacists who keeps updating him on the latest forms of degrade and destroy. Blacks that kjow Charles Cyphert claim that he at one time resided at the Days Inn Motel in Lakewood, Ohio. A large number of people who were moved to a homeless apartment complex on West 25th street swore that Charles, when residing at the Days Inn, would make up lies on blacks by claiming some would stick their hands in his pockets as he tried to get sodas from the machines. He would also secretly claim they tried to rob him just to get the population of black and brown people mostly imprisoned. Charles Cyphert had a roommate who was a euro-american male and that male reveals t6hat Charles is one of the most racist people he has ever met. He claims that Charles told him that he had a daughter and a wife who no longer dated euro-american men. It was further stated that Charles claimed that his wife of 3 children divorced him because of a blackman who made alot more money than him. He hates black people with a passion and would mislead or harm them in a variety of ways. Everyone who knew Charles Cyphert claimed that he was one of the most strategic liars that the Air Force has created. Charles roommate at the Days Inn also contended that he woulod use a daughter to attack any black person Charles didn't like. Charles would call one of his daughters daily and come up with newer lies against blackmen, making sure to never allow them to ever meet so the men could tell the real truth about things. Charles have committed hit and runs on several occasions and didn't stop. Police know of his racist beliefs and Air Force background, allowing him more privileges than most. The strange thing is that Charles daughter and ex-wife, according to his roommate at the Days Inn, who were married to blackmen, became widows. The blackman name Bill, who married Charles wife of 3 children, died of mysterious illnesses. One of his daughters once married to a blackman, the blackman died prematurely. It appears that when the women got tired of the blackmen those men died mysterious deaths their families were concerned about. Cyphert is also talking about all those black people who is behind his racism and deception. He has photo prooof, from what one says who knows one of his neices.

A euro-american female name Colleen, who stays at the homless apartment on West 25th street in West Cleveland, have said that she could pick information out of Charles because any black person Charles know he'll tell everything he knows about them to as many euro-americans that would listen. So blackmen don't tell him anything and he still manages to make up lies and tales daily, calling one of his daughters staying in North Ridgeville, Ohio. The daughter then works behind the scenes and the blackmen feel serious pains and struggles from unknown sources. Charles, according to Colleen, has spoken alot of things about his family claiming they all steal from him and were cool with nigg--s. So Charles upgraded in racism and now sacrifices his family by creating trouble between them and blackmen. Charles have made it widely known that the only hispanics he will tolerate are those who hate and causes black people trouble. He also was recorded bragging about a hispanic couple that drives a small white compact car with Ohio license plates: HXE-9640, who have secretly worked with hispanic homeowners, Rafael Galvez and his wife. Charles ride all around all of Cuyahoga County bragging about how the Galvez homeowners and realtors have targeted a blackman staying in one of their houses. It was revealed that the hispanic couple driving the small white compact car with Ohio license plates: HXE-9640, gave daily reports to the Galvez couple and others against a blackman staying in one of their homes. The couple doesn't like living around black people but will speak to those that stay no where near hispanic communities. In West Cleveland black people are broken up. Blacks are afraid to spend time with each other because both white supremacists and hispanic racists do not approve and work with authorities to make sure those black people are known. Like we stated earlier, a blackman was recently assassinated around 46th and Clark avenue in West Cleveland, as he turned around in a driveway. This occurred, according to sources, in October of 2020. There are a group of hispanics that recognize their genetic traits to black people and then there are those light skinned hispanics that work more with white supremacist doctrine.

As of December 7, 2020, several parties claim that Charles has tooken the green van and placed it in between Store avenue and Clark on 52nd street. He drives a small vehicle that he tells everyone belongs to one of his daughters. He knew that what he did while driving the green van would soon cvatch up with him and so he started driving one of his daughters vehicle keeping her license plates, registration, and other proof of vehicle ownership in the name of his daughters. Charles is a very evil man and brags to many people how smart he is. He reports daily over his mother and other people home taking with him information on a daily basis about someone. neighbors to some of the locations claim to have overheard some of the racist conversations and plots against black people. It was also stated that Cyphert was in cahoots with Communications Agencies and that his cell phone is being used as a tracking and listening device. So he takes his cell phone around those he wants to get rid of in order to capture their phone conversations. It was reported by parties from Verizon and T-Mobile that that some cell phone companies shatred cell phone towers and can access information and data from other devices. Cyphert further talks to parties on West 52nd street, around where his mother stays,claiming that some of his daughters are witches and that he have tooken personal items from certain people and gave it to them. He also bragged about how he have placed things in the food of blackmen while they were not looking. While in North Ridgeville he claimed that his daughter Melissa's son, Dillion Cyphert, who had a black father that is deceased, doesn't really like black people. Charles goes around making threats to others and then tell people what his family will do to them! Noone is afraid of his family because they know most of them are liars and conduct snitching on levels yet to be studied. Charles has a deep hatred of blackmen because he tells everyone that his ex-wife of 3 children's deceased husband relative raped two of his daughter. Even though this claim wasn't proven he still goes around saying it. Charles furthermore states that he is being coached by white supremacists in both Akron and Canton, Ohio on how to target blacks while smiling in their faces. This is what he claims he learned while in the U.S. Air Force. Charles also tells people that he drives around seeing what black and brown people are doing and then rush back to his home and post things on the internet about it.

Let it be known that there are alot of Charles Cypherts out there and it is very important to remember that the KKK birthed the Democratic Party which means they work with all Democrats. They created racism and are behind racial violence. The Democratic Party and Liberals are also pushing for the New World Order. Black Lives Matter may claim to push for black and brown people but they worship Sumerian deities. White supremacists also worship Sumerian deities. Most of their followers don't know this and when oppositional violence is implemented the opposing parties are blamed for racism. In truth their leaders are behind the racial violence. But just like the local and national news medias drill Covid mandates into the minds of the people, so is followers being drilled and mind controlled by their handlers. Things work just like clock work. Even when someone plowed into a crown of people in Black Lives Matter in New York hours ago, Euro-american cops arrested multiple black and brown people in Ohio and many other states. White supremacists who looked to Donald Trump thinking that Liberals had too many black and brown people mixed in are now preparing for war against people of color. The U.S. Supreme Court concluded that their was no Election Fraud and has given the green light for the New World Order to be fulfilled. Americans just wouldn't work together and racism tore them apart which is now why World War 3 will occur on American soil! The Trump Administration may have been racist in many ways but alot of what they fought for opposed the New World Order. Democrats took what little racism they could conjure up and blew it totally out of proportion so that the people would blame the Trump Administration for every racist and evil act against black and brown people. This was the perfect storm. There were over 19 states which joined in against the Election Fraud. But the Technocratic Communists have a very strong hand in every facet of society and there is no way to defeat them using Draconian Laws which speak for them. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/12/11/texas-lawsuit-supreme-court-election-results/. Now since they have won the Election Fraud schemes they plan on forcing the Covid vaccines onto the masses. Is those vaccines giving people HIV? https://www.ft.com/content/94228a8f-caa9-41ad-bce2-3f1ae43537cc. Dr. Anthony Fauci was overheard saying that the black and brown people will support anyone that is black or brown despite whether or not they are Satanists. So he started telling people that a black woman helped develope the Covid vaccine knowing that Millenials and Generation Z, who have been taught to oppose all caucaisna rule, would eagerly accept it.

All opposition against the New World Order has been eliminated and racism combined with trickery and lies assisted. This involved not only Euro-americans but also black and brown Americans. Evil is evil despite what hue or pigmentation. Many black and brown witches, just like euro-american witches, were employed in the scheme. Everyone did evil for evil and now they will have a price to pay. For every reaction there is an equal yet opposite reaction, meaning that if they think some good god shall reward them for theiries, violence, and spreading the blood of the innocent, then they are highly mistaken! From what has tooken place for the courts to uphold voter frauds shall have its price. https://thehill.com/homenews/news/529841-fauci-addresses-black-americans-vaccine-concerns-this-was-developed-by-an. Those black and brown people who are the so-called leaders and over seers who worship Sumerian deities were behind 1 out of every 3 blackmen being killed. https://youtu.be/q4FHHppVcsI. Black and brown people haven't seen nothing yet and because they help overthrow the government while opening doors to a New World Order, that New World Order shall not be kind to them. Barry Soetoro and Michael Lavaughn Robinson are the greatest threats to black people. They brought blood to the streets of Africa and because most Nigerians worship the Orishas (Sumerians), human sacrifices, lying, betrayals at all cost, was right down with what both Soetoro and robinson accomplished. You all will see as blood fills the streets of America from wars inside wars as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision, your black, brown, and euro-american leaders shall not be right beside you fighting with you! They will all go underground until the dust clears. The Arabs and many of their associates have awaited this moment for years. Many have been witnessed out in heavily wooded areas shooting with AKA 47's and machine guns. Montu, aka Muhammad Eury, William C., Makr, Gforce, Blackthought, and others recently gave lectures which I will cover in my next thread. These black and brown men are being watched by those living close around them so don't accept the opposition. The opposition lies without proof. Please forgive me for all ,isprints and mistransliterations. And remember, noone wins the race in racism which is why death will come to millions who believed that they could win the race in racism. Police all over Cleveland, Ohio, and in other places, have arrested many black people who opposed the NWO. But they opposed it in their own ways. They have no connection to Satanism spreading by the Sumerians through BLM. Until we link again. Death before dishonor but life at all costs! And remember, minds like that guy called Charles Cyphert, transformers, is what made the New World Order and racial deception most dominant. https://banned.video/watch?id=5fd2bc7679a215776eeed2a9. https://theintercept.com/2020/11/17/dhs-biometrics-dna/. Euro-american rule has ended and now come the rule of black and brown devils. These are the so-called leaders who have garbed themselves in the flesh of the oppressed people. Their solution will be terrifying to those who fought and supported them. https://www.phillyvoice.com/who-are-the-philly-satanists-what-do-they-do-a-look-into-the-underground-world-of-satan-worship-in-philadelphia/. https://www.bookbrowse.com/mag/btb/index.cfm/book_number/3889/black-leopard-red-wolf
Saturday, December 12th 2020 at 12:22PM
george patel
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