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How Are You Doing With Corona Days ? (246 hits)


Itís the most discussed subject in the world at this time. We are all vulnerable to an unseen enemy that takes away lives. How ever we look forward to seeing the defeat of such a deadly pandemic being over and behind us . Effective efforts to find a cure is being researched and methods to avoid catching is brought in by separation from close contact, hand washing and wearing masks to name a few. Itís not a difficult task but itís going to take obedience.

Examining all of the things not to do sufferers and death may continue longer. I have to say, obeying is necessary and you have those who have no intention to do so. I can only encourage obedience in writing about and with those I communicate. I inform you as well as the entire world is under the devastation of millions dying.

Death and or life. One must obey to understand, The choices of obeying has consequences to live and not die.

Bubbles. Ooooooooooo!
I will save the kisses 😘
Posted By: MIISRAEL Bride
Tuesday, April 7th 2020 at 2:25AM
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....thank you for all your joyfull moments....

Solitaire games are getting easier.....Doing well.

....although had to cancel Spring Break Pacifica.....Miss many grandchildren and children

On video chat the youngest granddaughter .... 2 .... asked.....

......"how did the tiger in ny zoo get corona"

I answered ..."it wasnt me I stay farther than 6 ft from tigers"

Tuesday, April 7th 2020 at 10:17AM
robert powell
So glad to hear from you! I miss my close family of siblings and hosts of nieces and nephews l. I talk with them on the phone, and face time. I miss the hugs!
Take care love ❤️.
Tuesday, April 7th 2020 at 2:38PM
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