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Is it really impossible at 30 for women to find love? I keep reading that many women don’t even bother because (376 hits)

This Question I answered on Quora:

Love doesn’t care what age you are.

There is no time limit and no boundaries on love.

If you continue reading negative articles, and statistics, published to get reader’s eyes to sell advertising, then you shut down the possibility of having love.

Notice I said “having” love, not “finding” love.

There is this thing called the law of attraction. You heard of it right?
I know you have.

What you believe and think about is exactly what you attract into your life.
When you believe that love can come to you at any age, you attract that into your life. You don’t have to hunt and find love. It just comes because you are open.

When you read anything negative, your heart shuts down, and nothing can come in because you are telling the Universe, “I can’t find love.” The Universe says, “Yes! You’re right."

Immerse yourself in spiritual and positive reading materials. If you hear someone say that a woman can’t find love, immediately reject that in your mind. Don’t even get into a discussion because if you were feeling hopeful, you will be pulled down into the gutter.

Instead, immerse yourself in the feeling of having love. How would you FEEL if you already had that love in your life?

Ask yourself:
How would I think about life?
How would I feel?
How would I look?
How would I dress?
How would I think?

When you begin to ask yourself these questions, and then change your thinking, you will attract the perfect person to you.

Spend a few minutes, feeling that you already have that energy of love. Preferably before you go to sleep at night so that the loving feeling, you are radiating sinks into your subconscious.

Your deeper mind, the subconscious delivers to you what you believe.

A common scenario you hear people saying is that when they connect with their love interest, it seems that they also find others attracted to them.

When I was engaged it seemed men were coming out of the woodwork, even old relationships.

Why does that seem to happen to people falling in love?

Because they are already radiating love, and like honey to bees, people are attracted to you. You are beaming with love. Love begets love.

Out of all the questions, I get asked on Quora, I was moved to answer this one because of my daughter who is radiating love. And, as I said before, that's attractive.
She just got engaged. How old is she? 32

The greatest way to attract love from others is to fall in love with yourself first. #SelfLove

If you are going to read about love and women, read uplifting and inspiring articles like this one “89-Year-old Bride Ties The Knot For The First Time”


Love, light, and blessings!
Posted By: Janet Jackson
Sunday, October 6th 2019 at 8:45AM
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