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Kneel on 1 Knee? Reggae (1400 hits)

A Flavorful Conscious Roots Reggae Jam Response to the 1 Knee Controversy.

The artist believes that African Americans are not unpatriotic as they helped to

build America in enslavement and should have a right to put one knee on the


Don't kneel on one knee
Don't kneel on one knee
How we unpatriotic?
We built this country!

My country tis a di, sweet land a liberty
uncle sam say don't kneel on one knee
How we unpatriotic? We built the country!
When pirates rob I in slavery
We work from can't see in the morning to can't see in the eve
These atrocities man you can't believe
We fight for our rights, we try to acheive
Commissioner tellin we, we can't go down on one knee

Don't kneel on one knee
Don't knee on one knee
How we unpatriotic?
We built this country!

This lands the aboriginal mans
how the pirate tell I, I can't take a stand?
Is this democracy or hipocracy?
Green dollars matter
shall we hold our money?

Don't kneel on one knee
Don't knee on one knee
How we unpatriotic?
We built this country!

Download @ https://soundcloud.com/kamalsupreme/kneel-on-1-knee-reggae-



Posted By: Kamal Imani
Saturday, September 30th 2017 at 10:19AM
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Black Americans are not interest in song, dance, and lyrics! Can you put us on the road to having our own country as I am doing? And, if you have to delete my commenting then I am much more intelligent than you are! As your prophet you cannot push me down with your little intelligence and that is why you perfer to delete my comments. You are weak!
Saturday, October 14th 2017 at 3:54PM
Harry Watley
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