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4 Pleasurable Rituals To Awaken Your Sensuality (440 hits)

The word "sensual" literally means "relating to the gratification of the senses," although it's often purely understood in terms of s*x. But think about it: we are all born sensual creatures. As babies, we used all five of our magnificent senses to determine our innate needs and then expressed those needs, allowing them to be met by our caregivers.

Sensuality has the potential to become even more intense with time; it is our ability to connect to, awaken, and embody pleasure through sight, taste, smell, touch, sound.

Unfortunately, our culture tends to teach us — especially women — that our sacred connection to our sensuality decreases as we grow older. This simply isn't true; any disconnection is usually a result of conditioning from authoritative figures, media, and our community.

But that doesn't mean these cultural assumptions don't affect how we feel, express and embody our sensuality. Even if our sensuality is becoming (or has become) "dormant," this powerful energy inevitably still lies deep within us. We just have to learn to awaken it again.

So how exactly do we work to become sensually awakened and embodied women? By gifting ourselves an abundance of connection, love, adoration, healing, and most importantly, pleasure. The key here is mindfulness: paying attention.

I've implemented sacred rituals each day that help me to focus on pleasure, explore my deepest desires and strengthen the love I feel for myself and my body. You might find the following rituals helpful in learning to awaken and embody your own sacred sensuality:

1. Give your breasts a massage.

This is an incredibly healing and stimulating ritual that will allow you to connect to yourself (and, obviously, your breasts) in a new way. Massaging does wonders for the lymphatic system and aids natural blood flow through the tissue, which can increase sensitivity and pleasure responses in the breasts. I recommend creating a sacred space for your massage using candles, incense and music. Coconut oil is my personal favorite to use with a little bit of rose hip oil infused in it.

Play around with different strokes, massage techniques and the amount of pressure you use. Do what feels good and listen to your body’s responses. This should feel good!

2. Get naked!

The point of this ritual is to get comfortable with your naked body — and learning to accept (and adore!) every inch of who you are. A great way to do this practice is to remove your clothes, stand in front of a full-length mirror and simply observe your body.

From there, notice your thought patterns, without judgement. Are they mostly negative or positive? Focus on what you love and if there is something you dislike, practice sending love there.

Speak out loud to yourself if that resonates. Ask yourself, "How can I make this experience more pleasurable?” Bringing pleasure into an experience that may normally feel negative or difficult will help you associate it with love and positivity. The more you do this, the easier it will get to forgive yourself for any past judgement andcreate a loving relationship with your body and your sensuality moving forward.

3. Dance the night away (or any time of day, really).

Engaging in dance as a ritual is an amazing way to combine movement with sensuality and self-love. Turn on your favorite tunes, create a sensual space and move your body exactly how she naturally wants to move. There is no need for form, structure or routines here, just intuition. You can even move with your eyes closed or touch your body as you dance. Connecting to your vibrations and allowing your body to move freely will increase the sensual energy coursing through you.

4. Get comfortable with self-pleasure.

Trust me on this one, learning to touch and pleasure yourself will open your entire world in the best way possible. It will allow you to reach new depths of trust, pleasure and surrender within yourself. I highly recommend that you start slow if this concept makes you feel uncomfortable. Create a sacred, private and safe space for your self-pleasure ritual and only go as far as your body and heart guide you to go.

Over time, you’ll slowly notice your sensuality unfolding like a lotus and pleasure will come to you much easier in all areas of your life. Nothing but love, bliss, and sensual embodiment await you in the future.

by Amber Leitz
Posted By: Elynor Moss
Wednesday, September 13th 2017 at 1:29AM
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