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3 Tips On How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Small Business Online (639 hits)

Today is a time when businesses are making more sales online than in a traditional store front location. Small, medium and large businesses all have an online presence, so how can you get your piece of the rock! Which social media platform should you use and how on earth do you do it? Should it be facebook? You have a ton of family and friends on your facebook page, seems like it would be easy to launch your business and use that existing traffic! Maybe you should try another platform like instagram, pinterest or linkedin?!
The first thing you need is a blog. A blog is a type of website that allows you to communicate with your customers, track your statistics, collect customer emails and even advertise and sell your product/s. A blog is your piece of real estate online! Itís your online presence and itís where you house your awesome posts and content! There are tons of posts, sites and courses that walk you through getting your blog up and running. One of my favorites is createandgo.co, they take you by the hand, help you register your domain name, set up your blog and do all the foundational things required to get up and running. My focus is not setting up your blog, my focus is getting your blog that has already been set up online! My focus is helping you cut to the chase to get more traffic (potential customers) to your blog using Pinterest as your marketing platform. You see, Iíve got a secret Ė Pinterest is the best possible social media platform for online businesses. Why? Well, Pinterest is a search engine Ė like Google. In fact, Pinterest isnít really particularly social! Unlike facebook, twitter & some other social media sites, Pinterest prefers that you show rather than tell, and in fact prefers that you donít comment and promote links like you do on other sites! Check out my top 3 tips that will get your business moving in the right direction and building a bevy of raving fans in record time!
1. Check out the competition! Regardless of what youíve been told, in the world of online business marketing, competition is a good thing! Niche competition means that other businesses are making money in the same arena, it also means you have someone to watch and learn from! Basically if you see something is working for your competition, you can do what they do and have it work for you too! Let other people lay out the blueprint and you simply follow the yellow brick road!
2. Looking good! As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual platform. Photos are what drives Pinterest content and in fact are considered content on Pinterest. Remember comments are not encouraged and neither is link-dropping so the photo is king! What this means is the photos you choose to use for boards and pins should be all that and a bag of Swedish fish! You want your photos to be topic specific, front and center, clear and with large, easy to read font. If you need a photo editing program to achieve great pics for your Pinterest page, check out Canva. Itís a free online photo editor that even 6 and 7 figure power-pinners use to create their masterpieces. I also use photoshop elements which also gives great results!
3. Stick-to-itivenessí! The free dictionary.com gives the definition of consistent as ďreliable, steadyĒ. Being consistent is key to online marketing regardless of the platform you use, facebook, twitter, instagram Ė etc.! They all require a commitment and that commitment is to pin, post & show-up consistently. To help you with that, I found a great scheduler for Pinterest that is approved by them called Tailwind. With tailwind, you schedule your pins which frees you up for more important things, like, content creation!

So these are my top three tips, for this post! Are there more, absolutely! The 3 tips in this post can get you moving in the right direction and off to a good start! As we have concluded, there are other tips, tricks and techniques that you will learn on your road to online business success with Pinterest as your primary marketing tool, and learn them you will! Stick with me kid cause weíre going places!
To Your Success!
Posted By: Charlotte Mwagbe
Thursday, February 2nd 2017 at 9:56PM
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