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Interactive Projector Games Technology for greater Engagement with Learning (1496 hits)

When planning an activity for children, it is necessary to consider that not only they get entertained but also they get greater participation along with learning. The activity should be designed in a way that promotes the process of learning and is not entirely limited to entertainment. Such activities could involve Scrabble or quizzes, but these events lack physical movements. Yes, they do require brainstorming, but it is important that our kids get engaged in activities that cover all aspects of growth including mental and physical growth with great learning. Fortunately, in todayís era, we have interactive games for kids, a technology that enables our children to get entertained and to learn a substantial amount of new knowledge with maximum engagement.

Talking about interactive floor projector technology, we have a new phenomenon. Okay so these are the same projectors that we use to display our presentations and to play the videos in cinema, but they have some additional technology. These interactive projectors are so called because they have sensors that detect the movement and that interact in a way with the action to produce effects, change themes, play games, etc.

Children of this century canít be fooled by taking them for a walk or taking them to a park to show them the fauna and flora. Yeah, that sounds interesting, but thatís not engaging. You canít expect the kids to show up daily for walk or park to talk all about plants and animals. They want something more than that, and the best they can get is, interactive games played by the new interactive projector technology. They like to be physically involved.

Teachers often complain that younger students are difficult to handle and teach. It is hard for them, to control a class of 20 students. They canít just read them stories all the time. With this new technology, however, they can control even larger groups of kids, because this interactive projector games technology help them keeps the students happy and entertained. It is highly suggested that to promote new learning; these interactive projectors should be installed in all schools, learning centers, and play areas. According to research, children pick up new things quickly, so it is important that we provide them with an environment that regulates their learning and growth process.

How can this technology help with learning processes? The answer is simple. The stuff you teach the students using a blackboard or a whiteboard can be transferred to this projector, and since this is a new method, the kids will like it more. Furthermore, you can get many games that enhance the learning of children. These games are designed in such a way to make the kids brainstorm and play. They involve strategies that can be done after pondering.

Why do kids learn better when gaming is a part of a curriculum? Games provide a territory in which the kids can set their minds free and let them wander, interacting with whatever and whomever they encounter. The reward or point system, badges, levels, leaderboards featured in multiplayer games helps the kids in activating their reward center, which motivates them to play harder and harder to win the game. If games like concentration review game, facts based games for memory, math games for enhancement of cognition, human body sets, spelling and grammar games are incorporated into the curriculum; the kids will show more interest and will study efficiently.

These interactive games also help in the achievement of many non-cognitive skills like patience and discipline, which one should acquire as a child but often does not. You will notice that such kids who have these interactive games projector technology set up in their schools have better IQ levels than those children with a traditional classroom setting and textbook context.

Promoting educational interactive games enable students to focus well enough to learn better. It is the necessity of time to make learning more fun so that children are motivated enough to wake up early in the morning for school with a happy face. These games also ensure competition in a healthy sense and promote teamwork. Quick and precise feedback from the match results enables the children to figure out the right way or the way that works to succeed. This learning behavior can be helpful in the long run. Games teach the kids goals, rules, problem-solving, and adaptation as represented in a story. They involve the kids passionately and give fundamentals of learning that include ego gratification, adrenaline, and creativity.

The interactive projector games create a hands-on opportunity to allow children to actively focus and create or change a scenario while simultaneously being aware of the consequences of their choice in the situation. When these kids become more committed and engaged in the games, they strive to succeed so they are more willing to learn about the scenario and to employ techniques that could help them win. Rather than just memorizing stuff from textbooks, these interactive games allow the students to become active participants and discover new information and ideas as well as solutions to different problems, enabling them to feel the suspense and tension of the crisis at hand. Thus it is understood that such interactive technology helps the children with focus, self-esteem, and memory.

Such interactive games should be played in the cafeteria at lunchtime, before school, at recess, and through the checkout library. Where ever this super amazing interactive projector technology has been set up, parents, students, and teachers have equally responded to it with enthusiasm. The kids like the gaming because they have fun and at the same time they learn quite a lot, plus having their teacher play along is a motivating force for them. The teachers love the games because they are looking for ways to build a healthy relationship with kids, along with the means to create academic skills and confidence. Parents love it because they see the improvement in their childís result, learning, and understanding of new concepts.

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Posted By: Jennifer Kurtz
Thursday, November 10th 2016 at 2:29PM
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