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Marriages… Made in Heaven? Really? #22 (7527 hits)

Lately I have been thinking. What is it that drives a perfect, happily married couple, to break up?

Reason 1: (And by far the strongest) – That other man or woman.

For god know’s how many centuries, couples have been ringing in the “divorce bells” because of that other person. Makes me wonder…

Why would they cheat on their spouse who they have promised to take care of “forever”. What happened to the, “I will be there for you in sickness and in health”, and the “until death do us part” vows. All vanished into thin air? Don’t they think about any of these at least once, before committing to that insane moment of pleasure? Doesn’t the innocent face of their spouse flash in front of their eyes.

I ponder, ponder, and ponder more… Is it that they just fall out of love?

Is it that they just don’t care about their spouse anymore?
Are they just bored?
Is it the want for some spice in life?
Or is it just that the grass is always greener on the other side, and we just never appreciate the ones who are with us.

Reason 2: An abusive spouse.

An abusive spouse is even worse than reason #1. It may be physical or emotional abuse. Either one just kills the other person slowly inside, one hit at a time. Mostly it is the wife at the receiving end.

Physical abuse is the worst kind, and it occurs when a couple tries to resolve an issue the wrong way. Temperatures rise, all is forgotten and he sees red!
There is no excuse for a man who resolves to physical abuse. The man knows very well that the women is incapable of defending herself from his strength (At least in most cases). There is nothing worse than a man physically abusing a women. For me, the man is just pathetic and the women should instantly leave him.

He may apologize and regret how he hurt her. But as they say “history always repeats itself” and it will, if she continues to let him do so.
Using abusive words and criticizing each other every single day also leads to downfall.

We beings are a bunch of emotional creatures and need the comfort of each other every single time. Our egos may want us to think otherwise, but all of us depend emotionally on each other. In a marriage, if that connection is not there and if we are not emotionally available for our spouses, it dies.

Reason 3: Love just dies.

Romance at some point in a marriage will die. That is just plain fact. We may think, pray and hope it might not, but at some point it always does. And now, it just depends on the couple to make it work out and reach that “gold” or “platinum” jubilee. In few cases “love” just dies and spouses stop giving that emotional support. This is when they find out that they are just not compatible with each other and they separate. Which might be a better solution for the both of them.

Whatever maybe the reason… the lingering question crops up… “Marriages… are they really made in heaven?”

We will never be able to answer that one and leave it for time to decide that for us. But, we always selfishly wish it does. At least in our case.


Posted By: Jen Fad
Thursday, May 1st 2014 at 9:08PM
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