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THE SEQUEL!! (585 hits)


Vernon J. Davis Jr.

It is Christmas Day,
A clear blue sky,
And the sun is shining
On a joyful little house
In the countryside.

Come…, Let us watch.

In front of this house, a little girl plays in the snow with her Christmas toys.
They were delivered the night before by an Angel with much joy.
The little girl’s mother sits on the porch, in her rocking chair.
She carefully watches her daughter play, while rolling through her fingers, her
husband’s wedding ring.
Also delivered by the Angel…The Man With The Golden Wings.

“Mama! Look, I’m an Angel!”
The little girl shouts as she runs through the snow leaving her footprints and
toys all around.
“I’m flying, I’m flying—Just like Daddy!”
The little girl’s voice floats and echoes in her mother’s ears
♥The Sweetest Sound♥

“Stay close to the house,” the mother says as she smiles
While watching her giggling daughter with outstretched arms, runs circles,
for awhile.
And as the sound of her daughter’s voice slowly fades away,
She gazes lovingly at her husband’s wedding ring…Then her eyelids begin
to close.
And with the sun shining warmly on her face, she begins to doze.

~She Dreams A Dream Of Her Husband,
Strong And Proud
She Misses Him So Much,
But Tears Are Not Allowed
Her Daughter, She Also Dreams Of,
So Young And So, Full Of Love
But, During Her Soothing Happy Dream
Suddenly…She Hears, Her Daughter Scream~

The mother awakes with a start, it’s dark, the sun has gone down.
She’s dropped her husband’s wedding ring and it’s lying on the ground.
Next to the ring, her daughter’s little footprint points away.
Following other footprints that has chased the sun astray.

Toward the west, to the trees
No sign of her daughter.
The mother screams
“Where are you!!?”
Then she cries, “Help me Father!”

She falls and stumbles out her rocking chair, into the snow.
Picking up the ring, she runs, following the footprints…in the night, they
Seem to glow.
At the tall trees, she screams and cries…
“Please God, let me find my little girl!”
“Let her be safe and alive!”
“She’s all I have left in this world!”
“To You I pray and cry!”

The mother shouts her daughter’s name everywhere as the snow gets deeper.
She struggles onward into the black forest,~ A Labyrinth’s Keeper~
Stealing her sweet little girl, just like her late great husband
That lonely thought falling on her like so many heavy tons.

Suddenly, she slumps to her knees and buries her face in the snow and cries.
(A sigh of surrender)
Then a Hand gently touches her shoulder and a Voice says “Arise!”
( To send her)
She lifts her head and through her tearful eyes,
She sees The Man With The Golden Wings, with a great big Smile.

He is pointing with His other Hand and simply says, “That Way.”
And then with a golden twinkle, He fades away.
The mother sits up and looks in the direction,
And sees a Light Burning Gold with Perfection.

Crawling frantically toward the light, she screams her daughter’s name.
And in the distance, her little Girl replies, “Mama I’m here and He came.”
The mother stops moving and looks at the two sets of Footprints.
Then fear grips around her heart and she chokes with a tight pinch.

She raises her eyes toward the Light and sees two Silhouettes emerging.
One Small, one Tall, a sight to her, not so encouraging.
Then she notices They’re Holding Hands as They come nearer.
And her vision improves as They get closer—it’s clearer.

Out of the Golden Glow, the two Figures are Calmly Walking.
Her Daughter and a Man and They’re Both Laughing and Talking.
The mother looks wide-eyed at Them with her hand clutching her throat.
As They Slowly Approach…Over The Snow~They Seem To Float~
And when They stop Walking, her Daughter Says,--“Mama, meet my Friend.”
And that’s when, the mother sees, the exact Likeness…of her Husband.

He extends His Hand, Touching The Tears On Her Face.
She Grabs His Hand Tightly, Her Soul Filling With Blissful Grace.
And Through Her Tears, She Sees And Hears Him Say.


All Three Walk Happily Back To The House Circled By Love.
The Man With The Golden Wings, Smiling, Looks Down From Above.
He Has Done His Job
For Heaven And God.
Uniting The Little Girl, The Mother, And The Father, Again…
In Everlasting Love

It Is Christmas Night,
And The Stars,
The Moon And Heaven
Are Rejoicing
For The Family, Finally Together
In The Little House,
In The Countryside.
Posted By: Vernon Davis Jr.
Thursday, December 26th 2013 at 2:15PM
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