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Do Black Women Come Off This Way with Black Men!? (24879 hits)

Sound off! What do you think? I thought the video was funny and of course not all black women come off this way, but I have noticed that many women that get alot of attention from guys (for their looks) tend to think this way... hehe

Posted By: Will Moss
Sunday, November 27th 2011 at 3:13AM
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I'm a black woman and I don't know any black woman that has this type attitude. Maybe you all should start showing what happens to the black woman before she gets to this attitude. You all talk as if Black men are good to black women; just to make something clear Black men are not interested in a caring supportive woman, he only wants to see how much he can make her cry. When you all stop beating black women down then maybe some attitudes will change. Saint Jake, If black men would take care of and support black women then they wouldn't have deal with welfare, Section 8, or other government programs. Black Women are the only women in this world that does not have the support of their men; too busy taking care of other women. Black women have to be strong, all we have is each other.
Monday, November 28th 2011 at 11:57AM
Anjanette Ellington
I tend to agree with valencia... What we need to be careful not to do is throw rocks at each other because of bad experiences we may have had in the past. There are some good black women out there that don't think like this of course, but the thing to note is that some people think this is the norm and we have to promote women that are squashing this stereotype. At the same time, not all black men are the type that Anjanette describes either.
Monday, November 28th 2011 at 12:15PM
Will Moss
this is stupid
Monday, November 28th 2011 at 6:00PM
Shaahn Williams
I must really be a different kind of women, because I have never been this kind of woman, or hung out with women like this. Do men really believe this, and/or is this what they really experience from us? Or ladies, is this portrayal even remotely accurate? Wowwwww...I don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted because these images are real...smh.
Tuesday, November 29th 2011 at 8:28PM
Tashana Sims Hudspeth
Be disgusted... But its exagerated... Ive never had a black woman talk to me like that, but I have seen them go crazy over "ballers" which leads you to believe certain things... I think its a minority of women, maybe like 8 to10%?
Tuesday, November 29th 2011 at 8:33PM
Will Moss
My concern is that this is yet more disparaging representation about us as a people. While I am not so naive to suggest that such a scenario has not and does not occur, what we have to do is understand why we would find ourselves with this mindset. The division of hatred, envy and distrust that is epidemic among us has not occurred by accident. This was a plan of psychological, physical and spiritual assault that was implemented some 300 years ago, during our enslavement. Indeed, Willie Lynch, a slave owner who lived in the early 1700s, supplied slave owners with kits which included everything needed to program and condition slaves to turn against each other. Google Willie Lynch if you would like to have more information. We have a distorted image of ourselves and seem unable to find a true appreciation of who we are. We've learned to value ourselves by what we have, instead of who we are. We miss the blessings of the colors or our skin and the textures of our hair. We continuously try to replace with things, what we have been naturally blessed with. The fact that some of our women have adopted this stance finds its reason in a perpetual conditioning through various media that constantly rehearse to us that we are lacking something. Many times there is no specific reference to what we 'lack" and herein lies the psychological onslaught and abuse. The very vagueness of what we allegedly lack, leaves us constantly trying to attain something that we cannot identify. The reason that we cannot identify it it because it doesn't exist. However mere suggestion has caused us to become stuck trying to figure out some phantom notion of never making the grade or meeting certain criteria. I believe that if we cannot find value and worth in ourselves as we are, the natural beauty that we possessed on the day we were born, and even before, without the chemically altered hair, the replacement nails, the hair extensions, etc, then we have already lost the war.
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 at 6:43PM
ulisheba mitchell
Insecure women act like this woman; but not necessarily Black women. Ole boy said, " Please lose my number. Like most Black men who get hurt, I'm not giving up on all Black women; I'm just giving up on you and your unrealistic expectations." Too funny!!
Monday, December 12th 2011 at 10:12AM
Jen Fad
Many aspects of this skit is correct, but I find that most decent black women have high standards in what they expect from a man and demand it. Many black men are afraid of this and what to do what they want and keep there woman at the same time. I guess what I am saying is that black men can't do to black women and get away with it as they do with other races of women not to depict any race but we all know what I mean. It takes a little more work and effort to make and keep a black woman happy, and from this many black men run from. It's much easier to go outside there race and deal with women who will put up with nonsense. Black women are emotionally stronger than any other race of woman out there. Don't get me wrong there are many like depicted in skit, but many who aren't
Sunday, January 15th 2012 at 1:45PM
Christopher Parks
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