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Women Fighting for Love Like Losers-"Anna Renee Is Still Talking" (1635 hits)

They say that women can be some ferocious fighters! We can really take it there, especially when someone is messing with our loved ones. It's our protective natures. A mother will fight hard to protect her children from all dangers, whether we birthed those children or not. But there are times when we fight like warriors in a battle for unimportant things. Sometimes when we are confused or tricked, we may fight for the fluff and not the substance, the image instead of the reality.
What we are really fighting for is unconditional love! We all want to be understood and accepted for who we are at each stage of our lives by those we call our loved ones--family and friends. We want their respect and admiration and that's what we should get, if we are willing to give it as well. Yet in certain situations we tend to fight for these things from a loser's position. Which of course means we end up not getting what we are fighting so hard for. We swirl down into futility in our battles.
[black marriage day]
The reason is that we too often use the wrong weapons in our battles. We use the weapons that our enemies have handed to us, which benefit them and not us in the long run. In our battle for unconditional love, we fight with botox injections. We fight with breast implantations. We fight with collagen injections. We fight with liposuctions, and yoyo diets. We fight with rhinoplasties and lip augmentations! We are fighting our battles for unconditional love with weapons that only affect the surface, the fluff, the image of who we are! These weapons can't even reach the deep places in our souls where unconditional love actually resides. Can we really expect unconditional love because we have "perfect" lips, or a "perfect" figure?

Modern Day Pied Piper


Was Latoya not beautiful before?

[lil_kim_collagen] [Botox] [vivica-fox-breast-implants]
Yet we march to the cosmetic surgeons, the Beverly 90210s, and beg them for the secret of receiving unconditional love. Of course we don't ask them in these words. We usually ask for that J Lo butt, or Janet's cheekbones, or Whitney's lips. We ask them to ram their tools up our noses and crack and shave and scrape away bone and flesh. We beg them to shove their vacuum tools into our thighs and viciously, with back and forth momentum, suck fat cells away through the holes they leave behind. We tremble in anticipation for them to inject into our lips and foreheads--botulism and bovine material and PMMAs and cadaver tissue which is euphemistically called Alloderm, Restoline, Advanta, Dermalogen and Radiance! We bravely and adamantly demand our breasts and butts to be cut open, filled and stitched closed with all of these "substances" tucked neatly inside beautifully created pouches.
We also are the ones, we WarriorWomen, who feel the heavy unnatural intrusion of solution filled breast implants in front of or behind our God given breasts. WeWarriorWomen are the ones who feel the exploded drippings of burst butt implants, or "migrating" implants. We Women of War are the ones who feel the shame of the exagerrated and unnatural fullness of lumpy, mishapen, painful and swollen lip augmentations, which destroy our beautifully unique set of lips that God gave us, and yet we despised.
[old lady with implants] [Breast3]
In all of this fighting and untold suffering, all we really wanted the whole time was unconditional love. We just wanted to be loved which is a normal God given desire, and we started looking for it in the surface things. We believed our enemies and started getting surgeries, because that is where we thought unconditional love resides. We fooled ourselves. We conducted our fight as fools because we used the weapons that our enemies gave us. And when you fight as a fool, you not only don't get what you TRULY want, you lose even what you started with!
As women, we need to learn how to fight our battles properly. We need to learn what it is we truly want and learn how to fight the correct fight to get it! We have to learn that the love and respect that we want does not reside in the surface things. So it's foolish for us to change and "enhance" those things in order to get that love and respect! We have to fight to uplift ourselves to our highest standards! We have to develop our self respect. We have to be that respectful and forgiving person in order to attract that kind of love back to us! We have to develop our intelligence and learn to look at ourselves objectively so we can see our faults without being fearful of them. That's the only way we can change our faults---truthfulness! Being true to ourselves first of all, then to everyone who we love after that.
[we encounter defeats]

Barbara Lee doing a "Foodstamp Challenge" to learn what it is to live on such a poverty budget


Pamela Ferrell, fired from job in 1978 for wearing cornrows, started a natural hair revolution

[Assata Shakur]
Assata Shakur in exile in Cuba, 1990s

[Postcards5] A woman who knows where true feminine power resides is going to tap into that power, and she is going to share her power as she shares her giftedness with those around her. Do we care that Maya Angelou is old and wrinkled or do we love and respect her because she gave her inner beauty in the form of her poems and her life story to us? Do we care how about the shape of Winnie Mandela's hips or that she never wavered in her power to stare down apartheid until it fell right in her presence? Isn't that why we love and respect her? Do we care about Assata Shakur's breast shape or do we love and respect her because she unwaveringly fought the power with all that she had inside of her? Isn't that why she is loved today?
[winnie and nelson]
Women warriors have to fight to learn ourselves. That's our first true battle. Women have to become intimate with and develop the light that God placed within us and then use that light to fight the battles that we choose as being worthy. When we do this, we automatically get unconditional love! We automatically love and accept ourselves with all of our good and bad traits. We develop the good and defuse the bad. We attract all kinds of love without even thinking about it! We are able to be accepting of others. We no longer pant breathlessly for the weak weapons of our enemies, because our weapons are God given, spiritual and effective!
God gives us complete and total unconditional love. His love for us is not based on anything good that we can do or have done, or on our beauty, good traits, or even power or lack there of. His love is not based on our body parts either natural or created in a surgeon's lab. His love goes even beyond those good gifts we use to serve the world with. His love for us is based on who He is, a merciful and loving God! His love is the greatest love of all!

Anita: http://goddessdd.ning.com/profiles/blogs/women-fighting-for-love-like
Posted By: anita moore
Monday, January 17th 2011 at 9:02PM
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