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FDI Review (233 hits)

Itís hard to believe the Financial Destination Incorporated (FDI) has been around for over seven years now. There is so much excitement and buzz associated with this company that you would think it was a new start up. However, the products and services that this company offer are on the leading, bleeding edge of technology. But I donít think thatís why everyone is so excited. I think what has everyone so fired up is the numerous rags to riches stories that are being made every day with this company. When you see a lot of so called ďplain, everyday peopleĒ achieve massive success in a relatively short time, you automatically think, ďif she can do it, then I know I can do it!Ē.

So what is FDI and what does FDI market? Financial Destination Inc. is a rather innovative telecommunications and network marketing company founded by William Andreoli in 2003 and based in Windam, New Hampshire. FDI is famous for pioneering video phones, true hands-free voice-to-text and other voice activated telelphone systems. But FDI is much more than just a telecommunications company. FDI also offers the following:

* CreditTrax Credit Restoration services

* EquityTrax Certified CPA services

* LIFELOCK Identity Protection services

* First Class Retirement services

* Legal Services

* Discounted Vision and Dental

* Tele Doc 24/7 phone access to a physician

* and believe or not, much moreÖ.

As you can see, FDI has quite a diversified portfolio which provides its representatives with opportunities to specialize in different niches to help their fellow citizens. But it is the telecommunications offerings that attracts the most new customers, and hence the most attention.

FDIís flagship product is a low-cost digital telephone service that includes landlines and mobile telephones. There are no long-term contracts involved, but rather a month-to-month service that you can cancel anytime. You do have to pay separately for any phones. But if you become a FDI rep and meet basic qualifications, you will only have to purchase a phone once, then you will receive a free upgrade every 12 months. The phones and other telecommunications equipment are all state-of-the-art. FDI also offers Virtual Assistants that will answer your incoming calls and Live Assistants to place calls as well as handle other routine tasks for you. With the voice-to-text service, you can even post to Twitter and Facebook using your voice! There are the video phones I mentioned earlier, and hands-free voice activated dialing and texting. Again, FDI offers so much here that there isnít time to account for everything. So take a look at the opportunities with FDI that can be life changing.

FDI obviously offers products that everyone uses. The demand for these products and services is huge and growing more so everyday. FDI rewards its representatives handsomely with over seven different ways to be compensated, including fast start bonuses for recruiting new representatives, car bonuses when you reach a certain rank, as well as monthly residual income on retail sales and downline distributor volume. I canít adequately explain the compensation plan here, so I advise you to look into that on your own. FDI also has a comprehensive training program for its reps.

The FDI Training program teaches its reps basically how to do three things: Invite, Expose, and Close. That is Invite prospects to one of several daily conference calls or webinars. Expose the prospects to a variety of impressive websites that further explain the opportunity, and finally Close the deal by getting the prospect started.

Some of the leaders in FDI have their own training programs as well. Some even have automated marketing systems that they can plug you into that will help you get off to a good start. If you are lucky, you will be able to hook up with a leader who can teach you how to market effectively if you do not have any experience. The bottom line though is that if you are willing to learn how to market the right way, willing to work hard, and most importantly, willing to give the opportunity a couple of years (in other words, donít quit), then you could find yourself very well off in a reasonably short time.

To learn more about the FDI Opportunity, then check out my friend Lois Skinnerís FDI Site here. Lois is an up and coming Marketing Director in FDI and you would do well to have her show you how to succeed with FDI.

Reginald Liggins is an internet marketing trainer and coach who resides outside of Portland in Beaverton, Oregon. Reginald can be reached at: reggie@superbodymagic.com

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Wednesday, September 29th 2010 at 4:09PM
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