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Do you think Guys really and truly fall in love? (873 hits)

I was watching the View today and Barbara Walters talked about her upcoming interview with the South Carolina's Governor Sanford's wife and it hit me that this man could never have loved this woman. He got married because it was what everybody expected of him. He wanted to go into politics, and she just fit the profile of the woman who would help him to get there.
Years ago in NYC I had a friend who dated a younger man, she had a great job that paid a lot and he wanted help to go to college full time. She helped him, move him in with her, paid for everything and them he grauated got himself a well pahing job them he started to distance himself, she suspected that something was going on but did not know for sure until she came home and he had moved out, left her a letter telling her that he found that they no longer have anything in common,(she did not go to college) and he was moving on to someone he met in college and that as a matter of fact they were getting married in a few weeks.

Please don't get me wrong, I love men, this is not about "man bashing" it's about us really taking a look at our relationships. I was schooled by a master in my younger days therefore I am not so easilly taken in at this stage of my life.

Sometimes men feel pressured into getting married because that is what society dictates. But are they in love? How can you be married to someone, sleep in the same bed with them each night then call spmeone else your soul mate? The Governor of New Jersey was gay, but he got married because that was what was expected of him, not once but twice!! There is Tiger Woods, there goes a man that should never have gotten married, he still thinks he is a single guy, and don't forget John Edwards the list is long but you know where I am going with this. CAN MEN REALLY LOVE!

I just wanted to start this coversation.
Posted By: Thelma Davidson
Friday, February 5th 2010 at 2:47PM
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Well I guess the same question could be asked about women. Can Women Really Love? Great post and I believe that it's all up to the individual. I say this because 'love' is unconditional if you really put the true meaning to it, but when we say love we sometimes use it casually. But let's take the true meaning of the love between a man and a woman. If you love him unconditionally then you would not hesitate to give him whatever he desires. Let's say he desires an organ, 'your heart' would you give it to him? That's a question you would have to answer. If you do then yes, you love him unconditional but if you don't then it's not love. Maybe it's a strong infactuation but not love. The same question could be asked about your children. If your daughter or son needed an organ 'your heart' would you give them yours? If you answer 'yes' then that's love. So it's all up to the individual, and it goes both ways.
Friday, February 5th 2010 at 6:57PM
Jewell Fox
I think many of the men you named in this blog probaby have underlying un-diagnosed psychiatric problems unlike Tiger who has sought professional help for his problem. Men in my opinion who use women as stepping stones to bigger and better things are probably borderline sociopaths like the Scott Peters, who murdered his pregnant wife in Modesto, California for what he thought was someone bigger and better. It's good that the other woman (Amber) recognized that Peters was psycho and contacted the police.

As for the guy who was with your friend, but ended up moving out after she had helped him with college should have been sued by your friend as well as arrested and locked up until he paid every dime of the cost of tuition back or lets say have his wages garnished. Normal men love and fall in love.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 at 9:26AM
Jen Fad
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