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Goddesses Blessing Goddesses on Blogtalk Radio (5447 hits)

! Sisters! if you get a chance this week please visit the GBG website and click on their blogtalk radio segment on Depression. Janice Tuggle who is one of our sisters moderated this very informative talk, with the real truth.

In listening to Goddess Nine, I identified with the tears that wash away our pain, with the natural herbs that lower high blood pressure, with refusing to let medical doctors feed us these toxic medications, there was a lot of wisdom.

On this network, I have seen, pleas to help with former abuse, current abuse, outward complaints about other women, when we really need to focus on what we are doing to develop healthy attitudes; we can grow and get better.

Minister La Donna Blaylock a friend who has become more of a sister than my own blood line, spreads jewels of deep understanding of us as women,who we were, who we are and who we want to be once again.

I am so fortunate to have built this close alliance with my sister in spirit, and it was on this site that I found this treasure. We are a sharing group of women, we give a lot and we receive countless blessings.

Sometimes we are turned off by the constant pleas for services, but this is not just another yada-yada talk show, this is one with substance, with real information, not just talking to have a show.

You can tune in of the website and listen www.thegoddessesblessinggoddesses.com
at any time, fortunately and listen, to how we all have been there and have come up as healthy, intelligent. self-actualized women. Don't hurt yourself, Love one another.

April 25, 2009 Saturday @ 1:00p.m. Next Segment
Posted By: Marta Fernandez
Saturday, March 28th 2009 at 9:12AM
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Thanks Marta !
We women have enough body-pain in us to supply energy for the next decade and beyond. However, it needs to be recycled first into the positive which must begin inside of each woman.
All available resources are already at our disposal, only if we take the time and effort to look beyond.
Saturday, March 28th 2009 at 10:57AM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Thank you Marta for your support. I so glad that we were able to touch on the important issues and that you were blessed because of it. I hope in the future that more women will be blessed as we continue to trudge this road to giving hope and enlightenment to those who seek it.
Sunday, March 29th 2009 at 5:19PM
Janice Tuggle
Thanks Marta for the information, because I was at work trying to log in on my hour break when I realized that the IT department had blocked the feature I needed to listen to the blogtalk. Oh well, I am happy to know that I can listen to it anyway.
Monday, March 30th 2009 at 4:55AM
Jen Fad
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