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Follow These 7 Rules to Deal With Stressful Life (1208 hits)

We live in a world of deadlines, haste, and stress. Work, home, family, bills and other analogous factors stress us out. Stress does not always remain stress if un-entertained it can lead to anxiety and depression. Some people believe that a little stress good for you. But what they neglect or ignore is the difference between stress and pressure.

A little pressure is favorable to keep you alert, active and working optimally, but when you lose control over pressure, stress kicks in. But following the proverb “prevention is better than cure” we should try to avoid stress rather than having it dominated and then cope with it.

Kratom can also be used to combat stress. Find Kratom for sale at different online vendors. Following rules will help you in avoiding this harmful situation.

1) Regulate your wake-up time:

After a whole hectic week, we usually plan to have a longer than usual sleep to compensate the sleeplessness we faced during the past week and to RELAX. It sounds good, it even may be enjoyable, but for some time. It might get you in even more stress as it disturbs your body’s circadian (24 hours) cycle. Sleep wake cycle is the most important circadian cycle as it can be get disturbed easily but once it is being disturbed, it will make you more stressful and will disturb other cycles as well.

So, mark the time to go to bed and to rise, it will help you maintain your daily cycle and will make you feel relaxed. The time you have saved from being wasted in extra sleep can be used to doing something you are passionate about. As, it will make you even happier.

2) Exercise:

Indulge in the habit of regular exercise, not daily but at least three times a week. A brisk walk for 30 min, jogging, running, swimming and any other activity like games, etc. can help you manage your stress. As jogging and running or even weight lifting, release endorphin that make feel active and happy. Moreover, submerging your body in water for some time can also wash away most of your stresses. Along with exercise, the natural herbs like CBD Oil is really good for anxiety and depression. You can best cbd capsules for sale.

3) Prioritize:

We often prioritize our jobs as easiest one first, but this system usually fails as you spend your most of the energy and time on doing what is not so important and when the actual job comes you are already exhausted. Always prioritize as most important first, because you will easily do the tough work as you are fresh and full of energy. By the end of the list, you will have little jobs to be done which don’t require much power and hence would not stress you out.

4) Have some family time:

Allocate some time for your family, as they also want your attention and share equal right for your time. Spending some time with your family will help you forget all the tensions and deadlines and will save you from getting into stress even when you are not at work. Moreover, playing with your kids, spending some time with your spouse will make you happy.

5) Stretch:

Stretching your body at-least once a day or from time to time, loosen your muscles and release all the stress in your body.

6) Accept what you cannot change:

A man can never have control over everything. Some things come under your control, and that can be done nicely. But the things that you cannot control or are beyond your zone should be accepted as unchangeable and learn to live with them. As trying to change those will give you stress and you will be doing the labor of love without getting much to please yourself. So let them be as they are.

7) Switch off:

When you are not at work, or you are having a holiday, try to be as far from your laptop and mobile phones as possible. Sneaking into your laptop trying to do some work will ruin your day. Simply through away your appliances in a drawer, grab a book or see you, friend, spend some valuable time and forget stress and workload.

Author Bio:
Jennifer is a professional content writer and contributing editor who is working on Kratom blog. She has a vast experience of writing on a various niche like Health, Makeup, Games, Technology etc. Mountain is in her heart - a passion for mountain climbing.
Posted By: Jennifer Kurtz
Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 at 10:58AM
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