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New Writer's Advice by Natasha Munson (942 hits)

When I began my writing career as a self-published author I was blessed to receive wonderful reviews of my first book, Life Lessons for My Sisters. Two prominent publications compared me to and gave me praise for being “the next Iyanla Vanzant.” I remember reading those words and being very happy and slightly afraid.

How do you live up to that? I remember thinking, what if they find out that my life is not perfect and I am not living the life of my dreams? I nearly became paralyzed at the fear of the success. Could it be possible to reach such a high in your life only to have the curtain pulled back like the Wizard of Oz as you crumble to the ground with shame when people discover that you are not this great being living a magical life?

Gratefully I had told the truth about my life. From the very first page I shared the details of a difficult relationship and how it had affected my spirit and heart. I poured from the soul my reasons for writing Life Lessons and my hope that it would serve as a guide to other young women, a handbook to help them make the best choices for their life.

Thank God for telling the truth. The lesson I learned in that moment of comparison to Iyanla Vanzant is that it is not possible to be the next whomever. You must be the best you.

So many authors would save themselves from disappoint if they removed their eyes from the best-selling author with hopes of becoming them and obtaining their success. What is for you is for you. If you feel so inspired to share your story, and give your testimony of life, then tell it because something in your soul is compelling you to share, not because you want to be the next so-and-so or to be as successful as someone else.

It is one thing to be inspired by someone else and quite another when your whole purpose for writing is because you want to be well-known, famous, and regarded as “the next.” Unfortunately, I meet a lot of upcoming authors who are writing for those reasons. If there is something I can share with aspiring authors, and anyone pursuing a dream, it is simply this: The true glory comes from knowing that your life, your authentic story, those lessons you have learned, helped another person. That’s what makes you a success. When you focus on that, the journey along the way will be much more rewarding than being called “the next”.

Do you!

Posted By: Pam Perry
Wednesday, November 19th 2008 at 1:52AM
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Good advice.
Tuesday, January 6th 2009 at 4:45AM
Tracy Banks
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