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P.O.O.R (599 hits)

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly...
I am sure many of you on here have heard the term not to be POOR.
I am sorry to vent here but it's easier in a public forum where I can receive some "real" feed back and that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I am not going to solicit for business but I do want to vent for a minute. I just spoke to a sister who is telling me how she has $17.00 in the bank and her most dire priority at this very moment is how she is going to get her hair done "just in-case" she is asked out on a date this Friday. She does not have a full time job... (temping) although that is work and I did it for more than a year.
I offered to put her into my business... just b/c I see the networking potentional she has and thinks if she were to see the power of working for herself she would take off... anyway. $59.95 is what is burning me up about the conversation. Do you know that is what stands between SO MANY people and changing their lives? Fifty Friggin Nine dollars? You spend more than that on a cable bill and that gives you NOTHING in return. How about that cell bill where you have unlimited texting upgraded to the $70.00 plan because it's a good deal? $14.98 a week is not worth changing your routine for? $2.15 a day can make you wealthy, healthy and prosperous and YOU CAN'T DO IT? Oh forgot to tell you how much her hair do costs......
Monday, November 17th 2008 at 4:10PM
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I completely understand what you are saying. My mother, with all her wisdom, took me to get a vendors liscense when I turned 18. She had already taught me how to make jewelry, body products and other craft items. When we left the registrars office she took me to lunch and expained to me why I was getting that for my birthday intead of the leather jacket I wanted.

My mother explained that my jacket would have cost her $220, but that my business had cost her all of $75 including liscense and training. I thank GOD for my mother because she made it very clear where my priorities should always lie. For my Daughter's 18th I gave her cosmetology school and a stack of business cards. My gir=ft cost more than my mother's but it will pay off pretty much the same. A lot of us are not taught how to make and save money. We are only taught how to spend it. The cyce continues because a great majority of our people are blinded by what they think will make them successful and not what truly does.
Tuesday, November 18th 2008 at 6:47AM
Now that is the ultimate of teaching by example!!
Tuesday, November 18th 2008 at 2:39PM
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