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Why do some black men ONLY date white women? Posted on 06-18-2009

Well, I think that some black men can't -or better - don't know how to stick with black women... They want something different... Guess because they find it easier bamboozling a white lady than a woman of his kind. But on the other hand, some black women are not quite amiable... Often, they tend prioritizing the list of wealth of the guy instead of prioritizing finding an interesting live and optimizing in a promising relationship...

I think this is some of the reasons some black men will just hook up with a white lady!


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M D Turner from East New Market, MD replied on 06-18-2009 11:39AM [Reply]

I've notice Black men need to have a since of charge and he's not getting it in no Black women unless she has low self esteem and thats' rare0

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DonDada from Blacklick, OH replied on 06-18-2009 09:29PM [Reply]

You know what... I found that I prefer black women, but I'll date any race.  One thing I have noticed about black women is that they are SUPER skeptical of black men in general so they become hard to approach and hard to get to know... I stepped to a young lady (black) in the grocery store (not something I normally do) and she was extremely skeptical about me even giving her my business card like I was some kind of scam artist... Sure enough she never did call me. I think I'll write a book about this subject one day
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daddyzgurl1936 from grand rapids, MI replied on 06-18-2009 10:32PM [Reply]

I believe it boils down to self-hatred and low self-esteem. Many Black people just do not value and appreciate their culture or history. Now don't get me wrong I believe love is colorblind but when Black men intentionally date only white women I do believe there is an issue within that person that keeps them from acknowledging the beauty within their own race. I also believe white women are easier, much more naive, and quicker to bounce when times get rough lol. Sisters are no stranger to the struggle (most of the time) we stick it out with these brothers, we deal with alot of BS, and I think our skepticism has become a defense mechanism. I keep my options open but I prefer a Black man. To me nothing compares to "Black love" it takes a real Black man to be able to connect to a Black woman mentally, physically, and spiritualy.
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DonDada from Blacklick, OH replied on 06-18-2009 10:37PM [Reply]

"daddyzgurl1936" wrote:
It takes a real Black man to be able to connect to a Black woman mentally, physically, and spirituality.

Hmmm... I have a theory that too many black women don't give a "real black man" a chance so they make categories such as this... Being able to connect I think is a two way street and shouldn't seem like some lofty challenge... This is how black women get a reputation of being intimadating
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InHIM replied on 06-19-2009 12:07PM [Reply]

I can only speak for me I have an awesome relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I need a BLACK MAN that is lead by the Spirit of God which will lead and guide him as to how to love me, pray with me, how to join with me for the building up of GODS Kingdom.  Where are all the Godly BLACK MEN 0

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rhoned from Colorado Springs, CO replied on 06-19-2009 12:16PM [Reply]

Awesome Wonder, I am SO there with you on that thought.  A wonderful man of God found me so I know they do exist.  Many of my family and friends are waiting for their Godly man to find them.  My advice is to keep loving Him first and He will take care of you.  Stop trying to do God's work for him.  He got it!!!  When I turned my prayer for a Godly man over to Him, everything fell in place for me.  I am so blessed and thank Him for sending this wonderful man into my life. I hope this give you and others some inspiration.

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InHIM replied on 06-19-2009 12:24PM [Reply]


Thanks for those words of encouragement, however I have been married for 18 yrs and I wanted to encourage my single sisters in Christ to hold on and trust God for a Godly man because being unequally yoked is no joke

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Dr. Venus Lee from Wichita, KS replied on 06-19-2009 05:34PM [Reply]

I have asked this question of highly successful black men who have dated many races as did my husband in his past and he like the majority of professional men that I have ask tell me a multitude of stories concerning all races. The one thing that seemed to be a common thread is that most men especially those that are successful want to be the head of the household as is instructed by God., They tell of stories where women who have grown up without a father in their lives (any race but especially ours) seem to have a chip on their shoulder to the point that they want to be the dominant person in the relationship and everyone knows that this is out of order...(this has nothing to do with your career or financial status). When I met my Husband he was a military man (retired now) and I owned my own business so I did then and continue to earn more than he does. This has not affected our relationship because he wants the best for me and I have always treated our money as ours and have allowed him to be the head of our home. I have seen many succesful black women who couldn't do this and wound up marrying outside of their race (no issue with that I hope that they are happy) I just know that I asked God for a strong educated black man (my personal desire) and he provided exactly what I asked for. The issue of not knowing how to have a healthy relationship is common to both black men and women based on our up bringing and to some the lack of a father figure to show them a pattern for success. I would also want to ask a man or woman who has had both of their parents in their life and are dating outside of their race; what was it about your mother or father that made you decide that you didn't want someone that is like them in ethnicity? My husband said that if he had married someone outside of his race, he would be telling his mom that he didn't want anyone like her, does anyone else feel that way? I deal with some of the relationship issues in my book: "Hopefully Ever After, In Search of Healing" which can be found where ever books are sold or on my website? http://www.venuslee.net, I hope that I have been a little bit helpful to this topic. God Bless

Dr. Venus Lee

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DonDada from Blacklick, OH replied on 06-19-2009 05:53PM [Reply]

Dr. Lee that was on point and similar to what I have seen/experienced...
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