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Founder: Tanesha Clark
Members: 17
Category: Business & Finance
Founded: August 5th, 2008
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Fragrances of Success!
This group is designed for women who want to smell good and feel beautiful by wearing a great product and make money while doing that! D'essense Fragrances is new, ground floor opporotunity in direct sales(ex. Avon, Mary Kay, etc). We make perfect replicas of designer fragrances such as Be Delicious, Vera Wang, Angel, etc. HOW CAN WE DO THIS? There is no patent on a smell, the ingredients in a perfume comes from nature! We have over 80 women and men fragrances. Our fragrances are top of the line, we use 28% essential fragrance oils compared to department store fragrances that only have 8-12% and require constant application. D'essense only makes REAL perfume! The company is expanding, and are looking for consultants to join our team. The compensation plan is like no other and the ladies that are in this business are great Women of God, great motivators and leaders. How you make money in D'essense is either to become a consultant and build a team or just become a distributor and sell the product or enjoy buying your own perfume with a 30-45% savings. Perfume parties are available and one- on-one sales can be placed. D'essense also offers Candles (made of soy, and you can also use as a moisturizer for your skin! It works great I've tried it!) Body Lotion , Shower Gel, Shea Butter Cream, and many new products to come. This is a great avenue for African-American women to excell in. About 80% of our consultants are African-American. It's so Affordable Why Not Wear The REAL Thing! Please Email me if you wish to become a D'essense client or consultant!
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Theatre Design and Technology Assistant Professor, Tenure Track with McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.
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On Site Owners Representative with Grubb Properties in Cary, NC.
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