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Founder: Reginald Culpepper
Members: 42
Category: Health & Wellness
Founded: July 30th, 2008
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Black Single Women Support Group- "Dear Joyce"
This site is an open forum that the author attempts to give unbiased advice from a Christian perspective. Questions about business, career, relationships, marriage and sex (yes, I did say sex are welcome). If you want to remain anonymous, please go to my website: http://blacksinglewomenonlinesupportgroup.blogspot.com/. My mission is to empower the reader to achieve their life goals and experience "shalom", the Hebrew word for nothing missing and nothing broken in one's life. The author is not responsible or liable for the advice given by herself or other respondents. It is simply the respondent's personal opinion. If you are in need of professional advice, please contact a professional licensed counselor or call 911. Feel free as well to share any resources that will enable others to accomplish their dreams. Thanks and Stay Blessed!
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Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Cristo Rey Columbus High School in Columbus, OH.
Substance Use Disorder Specialist with John Snow, Inc. (JSI) in Boston, MA; Denver, CO; or Berkeley, CA, MA.
Teachers for the 2020-2021 academic year with Cristo Rey Richmond High School in Richmond, VA.
Utility Mechanic I or II with Orange Water and Sewer Authority in Carrboro, NC.
Administrative Assistant with Orange Water and Sewer Authority in Carrboro, NC.
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