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Founder: Reginald Culpepper
Members: 64
Category: Business & Finance
Founded: July 8th, 2008
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Texas Professional Women
Professional women living and working in Texas
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Carolyn Smith
Last Visit:
January 13th, 2015 | Joined Group: January 13th, 2015
Robin Smith
Last Visit:
January 10th, 2015 | Joined Group: January 10th, 2015
Sheba Hakiza
Last Visit:
May 24th, 2014 | Joined Group: May 24th, 2014
Mariama Whyte
Last Visit:
July 9th, 2012 | Joined Group: March 1st, 2011
R Smi
Last Visit:
September 23rd, 2013 | Joined Group: June 20th, 2010
Rita wilson
Last Visit:
April 18th, 2010 | Joined Group: March 29th, 2010
Jamea Davis
Last Visit:
August 12th, 2009 | Joined Group: March 30th, 2009
Kalima Lewis
Last Visit:
July 19th, 2010 | Joined Group: March 27th, 2009
Sherrie Boyd
Last Visit:
September 11th, 2013 | Joined Group: March 9th, 2009
Pia Davis
Last Visit:
February 13th, 2009 | Joined Group: February 13th, 2009
Cindy Walker
Last Visit:
May 14th, 2009 | Joined Group: February 8th, 2009
Maryanne Campbell
Last Visit:
February 6th, 2019 | Joined Group: February 6th, 2009
Leesa Dee
Last Visit:
July 28th, 2009 | Joined Group: January 10th, 2009
Beloved commissioners
Last Visit:
June 24th, 2013 | Joined Group: December 19th, 2008
Jo Ann Thomas
Last Visit:
February 10th, 2012 | Joined Group: November 8th, 2008
Cynthia Hayes
Last Visit:
May 4th, 2011 | Joined Group: November 7th, 2008
Crystal Jones
Last Visit:
September 3rd, 2008 | Joined Group: September 3rd, 2008
Pam Carroll
Last Visit:
March 5th, 2011 | Joined Group: August 21st, 2008
Avon F Jones
Last Visit:
May 20th, 2011 | Joined Group: August 18th, 2008
Esther Pinkston
Last Visit:
May 16th, 2013 | Joined Group: August 9th, 2008

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Latest Jobs
Theatre Design and Technology Assistant Professor, Tenure Track with McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.
Development Project Manager with Grubb Properties in Charlotte, NC.
Senior Associate, Commercial Development with Grubb Properties in Cary, NC.
On Site Owners Representative with Grubb Properties in Charlotte, NC.
On Site Owners Representative with Grubb Properties in Cary, NC.
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