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Founder: Reginald Culpepper
Members: 17
Category: Professional Organizations
Founded: May 20th, 2010
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The 7 W.O.M.E.N Network
The7W.O.M.E.N Network

Ways Of Making Empowerment Necessary

PURPOSE: The focus is for women in business to be inspired by leadership development opportunities while finding your unique ministry and helpful tips and advice for keeping their business a success.

There are 7 important ways for women of all lifestyles and backgrounds that help them to learn, grow, network, gain keep and hold their confidence. Whether you are a single mother or a hard-working business women, women connecting and growing to help each other strengthens our bond.

1. Growing in Love and Faith
2. Living Outside the Box
3. Walk Your Talk
4. Being Transparent
5. Season of a Woman
6. Women Who Live for The Business
7. 12 Ways of Having and Keeping a Successful Business

The 7 Women Network is designed to help women in every way using these principles. Our main focus is for Women in business and entrepreneurship. We have created weekend getaways in private homes to meet, interact, learn, and network with other like-minded Women. Our weekend retreats is also made for getting away from the everyday world and enjoying being a woman that has the confidence to do anything and have support by other women. There are discussions and speakers for being a successful black Women, gaining keeping your business, and keeping your faith in while maintaining your business.

But with there being so many different aspects of Women who need and want advice and support for many situations that they face. Already there are many groups organizations that provide what women most enjoy. The weekend retreats is also for the purpose of giving these groups and organizations to customize weekend getaways for enjoyment while continuing the services.

Currently located in Atlanta, we are expanding across the country for weekly meetings, monthly weekend getaways, and support systems. We encourage all Women from all ages and walks of life to become a member (it's FREE), and be a part of changing Woman's lives around the world, including yours.


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