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Founder: Reggie Culpepper
Members: 2
Category: Member Groups
Founded: January 21st, 2010
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Fierce C.H.I.C
Fierce C.H.I.C, LLC is an organization formed with the sole purpose of celebrating Fierce women whether they are holding down the home front, the executive office, the stage, their own business, etc. We provide a platform to acknowledge their accomplishments and to show off their "Fierce". This is not only a place of recognition but also a place to get educated, relax, network, and be entertained and supported. No matter what your brand of Fierce is we have a place for you! Our acronym C.H.I.C stands for Classy Honey In Charge. This does not necessarily mean that you are a boss, but this means you are moving with purpose and fulfilling goals in your life. You are a woman that other people look up to, you are an example of how to do it and do it well. You are sassy, classy, sexy, level headed, and striving with a clear mind towards your goals. You are *drum roll* a FIERCE C.H.I.C! Our favorite phrase at Fierce C.H.I.C is Ready, Set, GOAL! If you don't feel that you qualify but you love the movement, JOIN IN! Listen, build, and learn and proudly wear your Fierce C.H.I.C T-shirt! Some of the things you can expect to launch VERY soon within Fierce C.H.I.C is Fierce C.H.I.C radio, TV, magazine, fashion, clothing line, fitness, entertainment, cooking, finance, entrepreneurship, and so much more! Ladies invite your girlfriends and have your girlfriends invite theirs! This is your stage, your moment, and your hour to shine! Share your stories, inspiration, advice, or even find a new Fierce buddy to hang out with in your area. We are always looking for Fierce ladies to contribute to our company, if you are interested to know how you can get involved in Fierce C.H.I.C contact us at info@fiercechick.com. Our immediate need includes writers, radio and web cast hosts, experts, artists and others in entertainment, women owned businesses, and promoters/street team.
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Fierce C.H.I.C
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Account Executive with Meltwater in Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, New York, US.
Fund Accounting Assistant with Grubb Properties in Charlotte, NC.
Director of Equity and Inclusion with Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Office Manager with Whale and Dolphin Conservation in Plymouth, MA.
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