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Happy Easter - Enjoy the song! (42 hits)
Happy Easter! Enjoy the song! For more inspiration and motivation go to www.imCoachChar.com ...
Posted Sunday, April 16th 2017 at 9:47AM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
My Secret Pinterest Toolbox! (65 hits)
Click here: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/187192?v=6 to join My Secret Pinterest Toolbox email list. For more free training, inspiration and motivation go to www.imCoachChar.com :) ...
Posted Sunday, March 26th 2017 at 10:26AM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid (78 hits)
Blogging is not as simple as what most people think. It is not impossible to do, but to be successful, it requires a lot of learning and hard work on your part. Creating your account and posting your content are just the tip of the iceberg because th ...
Posted Tuesday, March 21st 2017 at 8:38PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
How To Use Pinterest (75 hits)
The more I learn about Pinterest, the more I love it! People are doing big things on Pinterest and to encourage you to "get pinterested", check out the post below! Be sure to go to my blog imCoachChar.com and register your email address so you never ...
Posted Thursday, March 2nd 2017 at 11:30PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
How To Build A Relationship With Your List! (80 hits)
5 Steps to make it easy, fun, exciting & deliver what you promise! Check out them out at http://www.imcoachchar.com/build-a-relationship/# ...
Posted Monday, February 20th 2017 at 8:22PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
4 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Monetize Your Blog & Make It Rain! (80 hits)
Before you monetize your business blog, there are some very important “do this first” foundational things that you need to have in place, before you “make it rain”! I am trained as a Chef and in that world it’s called Mise En Place, which means every ...
Posted Saturday, February 11th 2017 at 7:45PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
3 Tips On How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Small Business Online (190 hits)
Today is a time when businesses are making more sales online than in a traditional store front location. Small, medium and large businesses all have an online presence, so how can you get your piece of the rock! Which social media platform should you ...
Posted Thursday, February 2nd 2017 at 9:56PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Live Positive! (63 hits)
Dwell on the beauty in life, vibrate on a higher plane, think positive thoughts and soar with the stars. For more inspiration and motivation www.imCoachChar.com ...
Posted Saturday, January 28th 2017 at 10:11AM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Be Rubber My Friends! (93 hits)
Be rubber my friends - always bounce back! For more motivation & inspiration go to www.imCoachChar.com To your success!!! ...
Posted Wednesday, January 25th 2017 at 6:45PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Live In The Moment! (96 hits)
Hi All! Here's a little quote to provide you with a bit of motivation & inspiration to keep on going and to never give up! The moment is now! Yes you can!!! For more motivation & inspiration, check out my blog www.imCoachChar.com! ...
Posted Thursday, January 19th 2017 at 8:25PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
4 Reasons Why You Need To Get Pinterested in Pinterest For Business! (96 hits)
I am hard at work, learning all kinds of things about Pinterest to share with everyone! I have found out quite a few fascinating things about Pinterest and I have only scratched the surface! For instance - did you know: 80% + of Pinterest users are ...
Posted Friday, January 6th 2017 at 6:56PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Is Your Business Ready To Rock 2017? (235 hits)
I'm knee deep into learning a new social media platform that I've found that I really like! You've not only heard of it, you probably use it everyday! It's pinterest!!! Yes, pinterest is my social media platform of choice! I'm just getting started an ...
Posted Friday, December 30th 2016 at 2:17AM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Never Underestimate The Little Guy! (272 hits)
Well it's Christmas time everybody, and one of my FAV holidays of the year! That being said, all the planning, shopping & preparing that goes along with it can be a bit much, right? :) But, I still love Christmas! We're exactly one week - yep 7 days ...
Posted Saturday, December 17th 2016 at 4:29PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Another FREE Training Op!!! (285 hits)
FREE Amazing Training this Wednesday: Simple SEO Strategies to Dominate Your Local Niche & Get FREE 24/7 Traffic & Leads Flowing in to ANY Business. Register Here. You are invited to attend this free training - just click the link below: http:/ ...
Posted Wednesday, December 7th 2016 at 3:58PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
NAH! (203 hits)
“you must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right. ” ― Rosa Parks For more inspiration and motivation check out ml blog at www.imCoachChar.com ...
Posted Friday, December 2nd 2016 at 6:03PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
I Hope You Dance! (124 hits)
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance I hope you dance I hope you d ...
Posted Thursday, December 1st 2016 at 12:17AM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
You Are The Key! (250 hits)
You are the key to your own success - believe in you! For more quotes, motivation and inspiration, check out my fb page imCoachChar or my blog imCoachChar.com - and thanks! ...
Posted Monday, November 28th 2016 at 7:30PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Nuff Said!!! (149 hits)
For more motivation and inspiration, check out my fb page imCoach Char and my blog www.imCoachChar.com and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! ...
Posted Wednesday, November 23rd 2016 at 9:52PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
I Am The Greatest! (199 hits)
It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Muhammed Ali You must commit to your beliefs for that is when your beliefs will begin to manifest things into being. V ...
Posted Saturday, November 19th 2016 at 11:17AM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
What You Talkin Bout Willis??? (285 hits)
You know he looks like he's thinking that! I love this pic ~ #raccoonsareadorable! Yes - a lot of them carry rabies and they will chew your face off but they're soooo cute!!! :) ...
Posted Friday, November 18th 2016 at 7:49PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Why You Need A Blog! (144 hits)
Trying to figure out if you have to have a blog for your online business? Check out this post and find out the answer to that question and why you should care! Click the link below to check out the post: http://www.imcoachchar.com/why-you-need-blog/ ...
Posted Monday, November 14th 2016 at 11:06PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
How Do You See Yourself? (155 hits)
If your self image is holding you back, you have the power to change it! Creative imagination is the driving force of all personality and behavioral change - Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy For more inspiration and motivation, check out my page @ imco ...
Posted Tuesday, November 8th 2016 at 11:16PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
Never Give Up! (107 hits)
My fourth grade teacher, Mr. Tallerico taught us that to be successful, you must have sticktoitiveness. It's something that I have never forgotten and it simply means - never give up! For more inspiration and motivation, stop by my blog @ www.imCo ...
Posted Monday, November 7th 2016 at 10:02PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
The Time It Takes To Grow A Friendship Is Worth It! (194 hits)
Need a little inspiration and motivation? Check out my fan page @ imCoachChar and my blog at www.imCoachChar.com - enjoy! ...
Posted Thursday, November 3rd 2016 at 10:25PM
by: Charlotte Mwagbe | post comment
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