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Blog like a superstar (7077 hits)
In thisTELECLASS you'll learn: How to stand out and position yourself when it seems like everyone does what you do 5 Keys Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand Online (and how to blog like a superstar! The one marketing tool that will give you instant credibility and of course, how ...
Posted Sunday, March 3rd 2013 at 11:41PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to be a Podcasting Superstar EVENT (Teleclass on Tuesday) (7386 hits)
Have you ever considered having your own radio show? Podcasting is a great way to share your unique message with many other people - and possibly land a spot on a traditional radio show, like Radio One, like I have for the past two years. I am also on a national radio show, SGN The Lig ...
Posted Sunday, February 17th 2013 at 9:18PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
As Seen in Black Enterprise, Paul D. Jones Comes to Detroit! (7636 hits)
Paul D. Jones, Media Tour to Detroit, on WJLB, TCT and speaking at CODY Paul D. Jones, Author of “Schedule for Success” and “Who Told You. . . You Were Broke” Motivates Detroit Students at Cody High School Leadership Academy &# ...
Posted Monday, January 14th 2013 at 9:19PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
I almost shut down. My Wizard of Oz Story (7907 hits)
I have to repent. What happens when you have a great idea, a plan, a new venture – a new partner (gulp) and you’re ready to rock this thing – BUT you hit a brick wall? All that glitters ain’t always gold. I learned that lesson BIG TIME. I fe ...
Posted Monday, December 3rd 2012 at 12:28PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Write the Marketing Plan BEFORE you Write the Book (7628 hits)
Do you want to get your message heard and help more people? Do you want to build your platform and launch your book? Do you want to attract your ideal clients and customers with social media? Do you want to sell more books, products and serv ...
Posted Sunday, October 14th 2012 at 10:06PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Hard Lesson Learn, PR Coach Repenting and Reinventing after Mess! (6927 hits)
This is a very personal message. No sales hype. No major edits. Just straight from my heart to yours. Some "marketers" would say this is a little too "authentic" - but that is not me. I have to repent. What happens when you have a great ide ...
Posted Thursday, August 30th 2012 at 1:11PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to Build Your Platform and Shine like a Superstar (6749 hits)
Here’s how to establish a platform: Brand. Look like where you want to go. Have the look of “celebrity.” Have a professional photo shoot. Hire an image consultant. Let’s be real: lose weight if you have to – image is everything. Have a s ...
Posted Monday, August 13th 2012 at 4:16PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
It's on and Popping........ Pass the Popcorn! (Ready to SHINE ON line ...like a superstar) (6050 hits)
Launch Your Book Like a Superstar So, you’re writing a book or you’re an author and want to “get out there?” Are you searching for solutions on how to market, promote and sell your book? Do you want to build a platform that will sustain your spe ...
Posted Thursday, July 12th 2012 at 12:39PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to Position Yourself as an Expert or Thought Leader (6983 hits)
Become much more famous in your niche or industry than you are right now. Move to the top of your profession – in demand for your product or service, status, prestige, and income. In Bob Bly’s new program, “Become an Instant Guru,” he shares with ...
Posted Wednesday, April 4th 2012 at 12:57AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Let's talk Beauty, Swag and Success! LIVE with Pam Perry (6612 hits)
Want Beauty, Swag & Success? Hear April Raine discuss on Wed, March 28 at Noon EST http://tobtr.com/s/3059207 or call (646) 716-6964. #BlogTalkRadio ...
Posted Tuesday, March 27th 2012 at 10:48PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to Make Your Book Trailer Sell (7293 hits)
Today's Sponsor: Launch or relaunch your book, information product or coaching program as a bestseller. Launch Like A Superstar shows you how! New 2-payment option: http://www.launchlikeasuperstar.com/emailspecial20120324 -------- A v ...
Posted Sunday, March 25th 2012 at 10:40PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to do a Book Launch Online (7557 hits)
I really hate email sometimes. Especially when folks are ‘pimping’ a book. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a book publicist. But there is a way to “pimp” – I mean PROMOTE your book. And spamming folks is not one of them. Sadly, most Eblasts ar ...
Posted Tuesday, March 6th 2012 at 12:18PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Believely.com (5214 hits)
Just an image I uploaded on Tue Mar 6th, 2012 at 12:24AM... What do you think? ...
Posted Tuesday, March 6th 2012 at 12:24AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Launch Like a Superstar: Build a brand that's clear, credible and compelling (6435 hits)
Launch Like a Superstar March 6, 2012 at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM http://www.launchlikeasuperstar.com Get your FREE tickets via Eventbrite: http://launchlikeasuperstar-efbevent.eventbrite.com Launch Like a Superstar! It's Show Time! The excitem ...
Posted Tuesday, March 6th 2012 at 12:15AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Special Video on how to Have Super Success with your Book Campaign (5967 hits)
Wow. The Livecast was a blast! ... and NOW Launch Like A Superstar is LIVE: http://www.LaunchLikeASuperstar.com/pam * 5 core training modules * video tutorials, templates and checklists * media contacts ... and much mo ...
Posted Friday, March 2nd 2012 at 1:15AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
What Rich Authors Do Differently .... (7204 hits)
Have you written a book or thinking of writing one someday? If so, you're invited to a free telephone seminar on what rich authors know that poor authors don't. My friend Steve Harrison has worked with over 9,300+ authors over the past 20 years. He's learned that the most successful author ...
Posted Monday, February 27th 2012 at 1:55AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
5 book killers (video) (4990 hits)
Check out the New Training Webinar video, ... reveals 5 avoidable mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to their book, information product or program: http://www.LaunchLikeASuperstar.com/ Please leave a comment on the page, you could ...
Posted Tuesday, February 21st 2012 at 10:56AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Hear from National Producers...including The Wendy Williams show. GET ON TV (6732 hits)
Be a Branding Superstar! www.LaunchLikeaSuperstar.com Would you like to be interviewed on a top national TV show and air on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox? Of course you would because there are few faster ways to instantly reach millions of people and ...
Posted Saturday, February 11th 2012 at 4:34PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to Get Exposure for Your Book! (6733 hits)
Book Publishing Scene one. OK, here’s the scenario. I’ve seen it played a million times: Person has a great idea. They tell a few people. They tell them they should write a book. They open up their laptop and pound out a book for abo ...
Posted Friday, February 10th 2012 at 9:06AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Get up on this! But this aint for everybody! #social media Swag (3812 hits)
To succeed in the competitive world of business you must learn the right skills to combat the enemy within #FireUpBiz ===> sign up FREE for the webinar! http://ow.ly/8KA44 ...
Posted Monday, January 30th 2012 at 12:25AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
How to be a Social Media Superstar (5269 hits)
Push Other People's Stuff - POPS People love to be complimented. In the online world the best way for you to compliment them is by promoting or sharing their online efforts. Did you read something that you liked? +1 it. Write a response blog post on ...
Posted Sunday, January 22nd 2012 at 2:16AM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Video from WJLB FM98 Radio Interview: 12 Ways to Excel in 2012 with Pam Perry (5400 hits)
Are you willing to make some resolutions, say some affirmations, change your conversations, create new habits, make a few attitude adjustments and instill some disciplines to make 2012 your best year yet? It’s prime time to stir up your gift. Shake ...
Posted Thursday, January 5th 2012 at 3:55PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
12 Days of Christmas: Free Gifts everyday to help you REACH your GOALS for 2012 (8033 hits)
we're serving up some holiday goodies.... 12 days of inspiration, gifts and more from PERRY+WILLIAMSON beginning Monday, December 12th! Get your gifts here: http://www.perrywilliamson.com/12days Merry Christmas, Pam Perry & Ramon Williamson Santa's Helpers :) PS Like us on Fac ...
Posted Sunday, December 11th 2011 at 10:39PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Online Publicity - PR 2.0 is the way to go! (2704 hits)
The internet is not going away. You've got to embrace. The Michigan Chronicle is even online and some of the editors blog there! So, how do you as an author or an aspiring - use the internet to the max? Here some tips: 1. Write a web site plan. ...
Posted Wednesday, March 31st 2010 at 10:54PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Synergy Energy (2132 hits)
www.SynergyEnergyMarketing.com ...
Posted Thursday, March 12th 2009 at 4:21PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
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