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Premiere Dental (2584 hits)
Call us today and ask about our new Spa Membership Plan. Receive a mini facial a monthly, 10% off all spa service, 10% off all skincare products and $10 per unit Botox everyday for unlimited units. What a deal! Call us today 256-469-6428. ...
Posted Thursday, October 1st 2020 at 6:36PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
Black Love (5291 hits)
Yes, BLACK Love. Yes, Obama love. I will not objectify the FLOTUS. But with all respect, click and get this shirt! Grace And Power Perfect T-Shirt Yes, BLACK Love. Yes, Obama love. I will not objectify the FLOTUS. But ...
Posted Saturday, October 15th 2016 at 10:51AM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
hillaryclinton (5751 hits)
Chip in now to get your free sticker, inspired by Michelle Obama: hrc.io/2e54tPb Chip in to get your Michelle Obama sticker now When they go low, we go high. hillaryclinton.com ...
Posted Saturday, October 15th 2016 at 10:48AM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ precious Resources ¥ (3441 hits)
¥ Precious Resources ¥ Our children are this nation's most precious resource. And, as responsible adults, we must create a homeland in which the next generation of Americans can live in safety and in freedom. Thankfully, the American Dream is ...
Posted Sunday, October 25th 2015 at 11:15AM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ He Is God ¥ (3681 hits)
¥ He Is God ¥ Sometime, we must accept life on its terms, not our own. Life has a way of unfolding, not as we will, but as it will. And sometimes, there is precious little we can do to change things. When events transpire ...
Posted Saturday, October 24th 2015 at 11:04PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Laughter Is Medicine ¥ (2883 hits)
¥ LAUGHTER IS MEDICINE ¥ Laughter is Medicine for the soul, but sometimes, amid the stresses of the day, we forget to take our medicine. Instead of viewing our world with a mixture of optimism and humor, we allow worries and distractions to r ...
Posted Friday, October 16th 2015 at 9:07PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Reach Out ¥ (4251 hits)
¥ Reach Out ¥   Reach out and touch a soul that is hungry; Reach out and touch a spirit in despair; Reach out and touch a life torn and dirty, A man, women are a child who is lonely if  you care!   Reach out and touch t ...
Posted Thursday, September 24th 2015 at 9:17PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ A Winner ¥ (3913 hits)
¥ A Winner ¥   A witness respects those who are Superior to him or her  tries to learn something from them; A Loser resents those who are Superior and rationalizes their achievements.   A Winner explains; A Loser explains ...
Posted Monday, September 14th 2015 at 10:44PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Some Changes ¥ (3701 hits)
        ¥ Some Changes ¥   Life is an unfolding series of changes. Some changes we brings about ourselves, And some changes are thrust upon us.  Some changes are easy to accept, others  are hard. Somet ...
Posted Sunday, September 13th 2015 at 10:18PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ When Challenged ¥ (3581 hits)
¥ When Challenged ¥   When challenged by our circumstances, we might struggle against events that are meant to shape us for holiness and eternity. We might even avoid subjecting ourselves to them because we don’t see God as the a ...
Posted Wednesday, September 9th 2015 at 12:13AM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ In Christ ¥ (3444 hits)
In Christ, there is hope. Jesus is much like the sun.  We don’t always notice its power, warmth, or even  that it’s there.   That is especially the case for the cloudy days.  We forget that without the sun, there ...
Posted Tuesday, September 8th 2015 at 5:58AM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥Life's Roads¥ (3675 hits)
""Life's Roads""   When we travel life's roads with those we love,  the point of destination is always secondary To the quality of the Journey.   In life, every journey has wonderful, unexpected Serendipities which have the pote ...
Posted Tuesday, August 18th 2015 at 9:30PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥Best Worker¥ (3653 hits)
"If We Want To Be A Good Witness For Jesus Christ On Our Job, Then We Have To Be The Very Best Worker On Our Job. People Don't Want To Hear About Jesus Christ From A Guy Who Is An Average Worker. But They Will Stand In Line To Talk To The Very Be ...
Posted Monday, August 17th 2015 at 9:40PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Stands In The Gap ¥ (3133 hits)
Who "Stands In The Gap"  for our Country?  Our Churches? Our Communities? Our Families?   God  is still looking for faithful leaders to  Stand and intercede before him, leaders who  will call people to a faithful wa ...
Posted Saturday, August 15th 2015 at 5:59PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ I Want To ¥ (3334 hits)
" I want to live a passionate life.I want to live a life that recognizes the fears but moves out with courage. I want to show the world the eternal mystery of what God can do through a Miserable sinner sold out to him. Why would I settle for anything ...
Posted Saturday, August 15th 2015 at 5:31PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ The Key ¥ (3804 hits)
"The Key That Unlocks" The power of prayer will never leave you,  even in the darkest Of times. It is, we discovered, the greatest weapon Known to humankind, the freedom no one Can take away. ( Psalm 34:15 )   Father, Teach us to pr ...
Posted Tuesday, July 21st 2015 at 9:02PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Struggling ¥ (3693 hits)
If you are struggling with a problem today  that doesn't seem to want to budge, way Don't you give it a nudge with a prayer?   What we can't solve alone, we can depend On God to help shake loose. ( Psalm 145:18 )   Lord, We giv ...
Posted Tuesday, July 21st 2015 at 8:03PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Humor ¥ (4326 hits)
Humor is a unique grace from God, the  spiritual lifeblood of optimism. Without it we will not survived. Things can be bad, but there's always a Time when we must stand back, look at Our troubles and laugh. ( Job 29: 24 )   Lord, Le ...
Posted Saturday, July 18th 2015 at 8:45PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Search Us ¥ (4347 hits)
The past is always prologue to the present. That what we are and do and say today has Roots in other people, times and places. Though we may think our trials and tests Unique, we have much the same physical  and spiritual needs as our forbe ...
Posted Tuesday, July 14th 2015 at 10:13PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Forgiveness ¥ (3310 hits)
When we can forgive those who try to harm us, We lessen the harm they are able to do. We control our victimization.   It seems like  an impossible thing God ask of us, To forgive those whom we despise. Yet sometimes  it is the on ...
Posted Monday, July 13th 2015 at 4:59PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Love Is Not ¥ (3537 hits)
Love is not getting, but giving; Not a wild dream of pleasure And a madness of desire... It Is goodness, and honor, and Pure living. ***By: Henry Van Dyke ***Posted By: Judith A. ...
Posted Sunday, July 12th 2015 at 4:57PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Prayer Can ¥ (3476 hits)
"Prayer Can Change Ones Life"  Prayer can change ones life anytime, Anywhere, at any age. It can renew ones mind and body,  calm the  storms of daily living, Which is wonderful and peaceful.   Even though we can't change th ...
Posted Saturday, July 11th 2015 at 9:45PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ The Future ¥ (4328 hits)
The Barber Does A Lot Of Talking.   "I Live Out Of The Future."   "What Does that Mean?" "Some People Live In The Past," He Began,  "Some In The Present And Not Enough Know  To Live Out Of The Future. He Goes On To Say, I' ...
Posted Thursday, July 9th 2015 at 10:51PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Good Impression ¥ (3329 hits)
Faith puts our life on a path that guarantees us  we can leave a good impression behind! And that is important. In the process we inspire  others to live life on a loftier level! ***Posted By: Judith A. ...
Posted Wednesday, July 8th 2015 at 9:44PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
¥ Bends In Roads ¥ (3173 hits)
"God Made Bends In Roads Because He Didn't Want Us To See Too Far Ahead.   Teach Us, God, That Growth Requires  Perseverance In All Life's Fires. ***By: Fred Bauer ***Posted By: Judith A. ...
Posted Tuesday, July 7th 2015 at 8:15PM
by: Judith A. Birt | post comment
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