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07 | minute man | 90-day rule before sex? { new episode } (8 hits)
Published on Nov 23, 2014 "Would You Impose or Wait for the 90-Day Rule before Sex?" ►FEATURED GUESTS: Besties Shawanna Davis (THAT GUY + BECOMING NIA) & Wendy Rose Berry ► TWEET US @blackandsexytv #minutemanshow ► EMAIL US: min ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 9:00PM (more)
by: Yaiqab Saint | post comment
bush & crane - i look at you (original mix) { bill withers listen & cheer } (7 hits)
Okay ladies and gentlemen the Sunday evening is fleeting and my fatherly chores have been completed with "Baby Gurl". Now Janelle & Yaiqab will be working on our salsa essay starting shortly after 10:00pm, and guess what we are going to use some e ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 8:51PM (more)
by: Yaiqab Saint | post comment
farrakhan speaks at morgan state university, predicts violence in ferguson (30 hits)
November 22, 2014, 10:20 PM In a speech Saturday at Morgan State University, Louis Farrakhan predicted violence in Ferguson this week and castigated black leaders — from fellow preachers to President Barack Obama — for trying to pacify protesters ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 4:56PM (more)
by: Siebra Muhammad | post comment
the hebrews got destroyed ,,, (37 hits)
7 days ago Shakka Ahmose Kill Two Birds With One Stone; AOC & House Of David http://youtu.be/QXbXjmmg-mA?list=UU1XFCNjXEDAQhgtzBKKNnhA ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 2:39PM (more)
by: David Johnson | post comment
the brother marcus and sister cecelia show presents: "can we ever love again after a very painful divorce?" (32 hits)
God willing, this Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST. please join your Marriage and Relationship Servants, Brother Marcus and Sister Cecelia, as we welcome some of the Student Representatives of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Collect ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 11:36AM (more)
by: Brother Marcus! | post comment
fabio tosti feat. donald sheffey (respect me) tnt inc. original mix { respectfully aretha watch out ! } (9 hits)
Yes another new released track and Yaiqab has to keep it moving. Now this track is kicking the synth movements fabulous indeed and I like the energy and vocals in a rap session format. I have plans to integrate this with many Aretha Franklin re ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 10:01AM (more)
by: Yaiqab Saint | post comment
steven stone & pete simpson - i found my way(dj spen & gary hudgins remix) { extremely new } (13 hits)
Good morning ladies and gentleman and Yaiqab up in the music studio after eating breakfast doing what I do ! Now my job is to deliver the latest tracks that have "FLAVOR", listen up this comes from the legendary DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins mixmasters. ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 9:48AM (more)
by: Yaiqab Saint | post comment
buried t r e a s u r e s (44 hits)
"A good man out of good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things; And an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. --Matthew: 12:35 KJV BURY GOOD TREASURES SHOW LOVE ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 8:07AM (more)
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
center peaces sunday: 11.23.2014 (51 hits)
MEDITATION FOR PEACE IN YOUR LIFESTYLE: Today: Sunday Treasure the moments of your heart's meditation..given with your heart. This is peace when God will join with your lifetime fellowship. THINK ON THIS: To have the rich treasure of peace ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 7:55AM (more)
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
a prayer from miisrael: thanksgiving week (59 hits)
Daily during the week of Thanksgiving allow your prayers to reflect the joy God brings to your Thankful Day. Pray honesty in thanks and keep your heart's voice calling with plentiful prayers that praise. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK "I called upon ...
Posted Sunday, November 23rd 2014 at 7:37AM (more)
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
‘selfie renditions’ (102 hits)
‘Selfie Renditions’ By Gregory V. Boulware http://selfierenditions.blogspot.com/ /* One of the rules of marketing is to promote goods, services, or ideas. The marketing concept as we know it did not always exist. It has evolved over the y ...
Posted Saturday, November 22nd 2014 at 7:53PM (more)
by: Gregory Boulware | post comment
the best of vocal deep house & nu disco exclusive mix 2014 - 2015 ( emre sanchez ) #4 ( 54 minute set ) (20 hits)
Okay peeps the Saturday affair is in full effect and hopefully yours is banging. After a night of drinking Yaiqab chilled a bit with some cleaning and client chores. Yess. my women are with my mother shopping and doing their thang. My mother ...
Posted Saturday, November 22nd 2014 at 7:13PM (more)
by: Yaiqab Saint | post comment
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