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Oprah Winfrey visits Maui Humane Society following wildfire (15 hits)
Winfrey surprised the Maui Humane Society with a visit to thank the organization for evacuating animals during a wildfire. The Maui News reported Saturday, July 13, 2019, that Winfrey is a part-time Maui resident who only visited briefly Saturday, thanking a volunteer and taking a photo outside wi ...
Posted Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 7:20PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
2019 Audubon Convention: Audubon For Everyone (48 hits)
July 26-29, 2019 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin Registration for the 2019 Audubon Convention is now open! Register Today! https://www.cvent.com/events/2019-audubon-convention/registration-1885e691b7614ee5905e769560b50bc6.aspx?fqp=true Join us in Milwaukee for Audubon’s biennial convention design ...
Posted Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 4:41PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
The new 'Little Mermaid,' Halle Bailey, is Disney's second Black princess. (15 hits)
Her casting is real magic to some girls. The talented young actor has an army of angry Ursulas demanding that Disney pick a regent more to their liking. But villains don't win in fairy tales. In 1997, millions of Black girls watched in awe as actress and singer Brandy Norwood was transformed i ...
Posted Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 8:55AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Best books of 2019, so far (28 hits)
Amazon Books editors share their picks for best books of 2019. Which will you read first? By Amazon Book Editors 2019 is halfway through, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s time for awkward small talk over Aperol Spritzes (or is that not a t ...
Posted Wednesday, July 17th 2019 at 3:44PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
The Great Grandmother of HBCUConnect! (48 hits)
Mattie Moss loved her some Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune! It is a great way to stay atop of current trivia and events! ...
Posted Tuesday, July 16th 2019 at 7:23PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
10 Ways to Help Birds (93 hits)
It's easy to make real progress in helping birds by taking a few simple, everyday actions. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. Brew a Bird-Friendly Roast Drinking shade-grown coffee is one of the most direct ways you can fund habitat conserva ...
Posted Tuesday, July 16th 2019 at 1:52PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
General Motors Gives the Iconic Chevy Blazer a Reboot with Help from This Young, Black Aerodynamics Engineer (115 hits)
What do you think of when you think of who typically drives a Chevy Blazer; a white dude—maybe in the Midwest or South? Someone who lives for off-roading their vehicle through dirt trails? Well, the Chevy Blazer has gotten a reboot in 2019. General Motors is targeting its new lineup of crossover ...
Posted Tuesday, July 16th 2019 at 1:38PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Comedy Spoken Word Poetry and Hip Hop by Kamal Supreme aka Kamal Imani (65 hits)
Enjoy entertaining spoken word and hip hop lyricism by the storyteller Kamal Imani ...
Posted Saturday, July 13th 2019 at 10:44PM
by: Kamal Imani | post comment
For Immediate Release From Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc.! THE OBAMA FOUNDATION NEWS: 2019 Africa Leaders Program ED TRUST NEWS: WHEN INCARCERATION MEETS EDUCATION “Helping Students Succeed-Event Explores Ways To Close Higher Ed ...
Posted Saturday, July 13th 2019 at 7:00PM
by: agnes levine | post comment
The 9th Annual Marriage Retreat! (266 hits)
Facebook Link to this Show: www.facebook.com/events/407369013353665 OMG!! We only have four spots left for couples! Thank you Final Call Newspaper for promoting our events!!! If you are coming, please declare your intentions to us. The non-Ref ...
Posted Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 3:00PM
by: Brother Marcus! | post comment
The 4th Annual Singles, Social Weekend! (234 hits)
The 4th Annual Singles, Social Weekend Facebook link to this group: www.facebook.com/events/291231325159727/ TheMarriageKeepers and Muhammad Study Group of Brunswick, Georgia present: The 4th Annual Singles, Social Weekend! “What God has join ...
Posted Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 2:55PM
by: Brother Marcus! | post comment
Michelle Obama interview: Gayle King exclusive at the Essence Festival (67 hits)
Ms. Obama shares powerful advice and insight into relationships and our health https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/michelle-obama-interview-gayle-king-exclusive-with-former-first-lady-live-stream-2019-07-07/ ...
Posted Tuesday, July 9th 2019 at 10:02AM
by: Janet Jackson | post comment
The truth about gaming disorder, from Fortnite to World of Warcraft (522 hits)
As the number of young gamers has risen sharply, so have addiction narratives Alex Hern @alexhern Gaming disorder may be a newly recognised condition, but disordered gaming is anything but new. In 2010, a Korean couple was arrested for fatal child neglect spurred by an obsession with Prius ...
Posted Sunday, July 7th 2019 at 7:34AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
It's a no brainer, but sometimes a young driver needs a seat belt reminder. (365 hits)
Check out Chevrolet Buckle to Drive. https://www.chevrolet.com/teen-driver-technology ...
Posted Saturday, July 6th 2019 at 9:14PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Random Photo Upload On Sat Jul 6th, 2019 at 9:04PM (22 hits)
Just an image I uploaded on Sat Jul 6th, 2019 at 9:04PM... What do you think? ...
Posted Saturday, July 6th 2019 at 9:04PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Your Questions...ANSWERED! (135 hits)
You guys don't pull any punches! This week I'm answering your Instagram questions and things get real honest! _ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/TMQuickFix _ FOLLOW QUICK FIX: Facebook: https://facebook.com/TiaMowrysQuickFix Instagram: https://instagram.com/tiamowryquickfix Twitter: https://tw ...
Posted Saturday, July 6th 2019 at 9:00PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
How I Ditched Debt: Redefining ‘Best Life,’ Scaling Back (381 hits)
Paying off debt isn’t always a linear journey. For Sonia Sears, a social worker at a charter school and a mental health clinic, it’s been more of a zigzag. She successfully paid off close to $80,000 of debt in 2016 — a combination of credit card debt, student loans and a car loan — but later amas ...
Posted Thursday, July 4th 2019 at 2:35PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Make new memories this Independence Holiday! (440 hits)
Enjoy the different phases of ways you celebrate. From rocking the perfect outfit, to getting with the right friends, to watch the Fireworks or not; No matter what, surround yourself with good vibes. Do you know what countries are included in the Americas? Check this out: https://en.wikiped ...
Posted Thursday, July 4th 2019 at 9:18AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Alcorn State University family officially welcomes 20th president, Dr. Felecia M. Nave (99 hits)
Hundreds of excited Alcorn State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community supporters turned out to graciously welcome the university's 20th and first female president onto campus. The university honored President Felecia Nave wit ...
Posted Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 8:46PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment
UNCF Study, Proves HBCUS Out-Perform Expectations in Graduating Students, Strengthening Economies (134 hits)
Original story on UNCF.org HBCUs Punching Above Their Weight, a research report released today by UNCF, makes a strong case for a powerful proposition: Given their small average size and a history of being under-resourced, the enrollment, degree a ...
Posted Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 3:39PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment
LOVE NOTES' 07.03.2019 SHOCKING! (82 hits)
SOMEONE HAS SENT IT YESTERDAY. . . SHOCKING is reading. .. My Love! I am with in a state of shocking intimate love. I dote, and I am electrified in the heart of total passions. You shock me as a powerful lover! -MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRYLO ...
Posted Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 1:41PM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
LOVE NOTES: 07.03.2019 CITY (75 hits)
HERE YOU HAVE A LOVE NOTES' MY LOVE IT READS... My Dearest God of Love. My heart is poetry inside, inside my body I am wearing a dress of the bride. -MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRYMYHEARTISMARRIEDLOVENOTESJULY2019 ...
Posted Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 1:37PM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
LOVE NOTES : 07.03.2019 MY HEART IS MARRIED (77 hits)
SOMEONE HAS SENT THIS LOVE NOTES' IT READS... My Dear God of Love: My thoughts of you are continually. Every time I think of you my heart is married! -Miisrael WINNIESPOETRYLOVENOTESMYHEARTISMARRIEDJULY2019 ...
Posted Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 1:32PM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
Today’s most seasoned business moguls and inspiring entrepreneurs will gather at the first Annual Global Black Economic Forum, taking place Friday, July 5th and Saturday, July 6th at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in New Orleans during the 25th Anniversary ESSENCE Festival. The mission of the h ...
Posted Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 at 5:25PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
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