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Defining Black Women
Black Women Black women represent one of the wealthiest and most influential demographics on the planet. We are extremely goal-oriented and career-driven, and we are very entrepreneurial. We are more likely to start a business, be successful in business, create jobs, and give back to our communities.
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oprah winfrey visits maui humane society following wildfire
2019 audubon convention: audubon for everyone
the new 'little mermaid,' halle bailey, is disney's second black princess.
best books of 2019, so far
ohio continues to try to untangle laws over hair braiding
10 ways to help birds
general motors gives the iconic chevy blazer a reboot with help from this young, black aerodynamics engineer
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Meet the changemaker: A mental health care worker who is helping Puerto Rico heal (247 hits)
The aftermath of a natural disaster causes disruption to every part of a community’s well-being, from physical infrastructure and economic growth, to social and mental health. The issues addressed urgently following these emergencies are often the most visible: lack of food and water, obvious hazard
Posted on 07/01/2019 by Elly Moss
For Immediate Release From College Promise! There are still three weeks left to enter the College Promise Campaign's 2019 Student Voices Video Competition and win up to $2,500 in scholarships! Our goal is to help current college students and graduating high school seniors tell their unique
Posted on 06/25/2019 by agnes levine
We're digging this classy outfit worn by Ms. Fenty! (104 hits)
Rihanna looked stunning in a strapless plaid jumpsuit & long red braids when she headed to ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ on a rainy day in NYC on June 19. Rihanna, 31, has been everywhere and back lately, promoting her new Fenty fashion brand, and the gorgeous singer has been rocking a slew of fa
Posted on 06/20/2019 by Elly Moss
Father you are our Rockstar! We are your number one followers. (812 hits)
Happy Fathers Day Poppas all over every where! You are like a Drum 🥁. You are the pulse of the family. When you interact with people they feel your goodness in their mind body and soul. We salute you Fathers who take pride in being a Parent. You are a Shepard directing your flock.
Posted on 06/16/2019 by Elly Moss
Peace, I have been in a lot of debate with women (Black and non-Black) over the recent abortion ban, and I just wanted to set the story straight regarding the term "Pro-Life", because some people's thought process is that when you claim "Pro-life" status, that it in some way relates to advocating
Posted on 06/13/2019 by Siebra Muhammad
Piper Perabo Talks Feminism, Intersectionality and Local Elections (217 hits)
Piper Perabo was always a feminist, she says, but it was only within the last few years that her feminism became active and intersectional. As a white woman with a suburban childhood, a college education, and a massive platform as an actress (Coyote Ugly, Lost and Delirious, Cheaper by the Dozen
Posted on 06/03/2019 by Elly Moss
Stedman Graham Gushes Over How Easy It Is Loving Oprah: “I Want The Best For Her” (427 hits)
Oprah and Stedman have been together since 1986. The longterm lovers were once engaged in 1992, but decided not to get married, opting for a lifetime partnership without all the legal and financial tape. With so many years together, fans often regard them as #blacklove goals. Now we have a littl
Posted on 05/31/2019 by Elly Moss
Happy New Month. May 2019 (369 hits)
You have every wish of a happy Month May flowers are at your door Mothers will compliment your bouquets. Enjoy celebration of your life blessings! Today is May 02: 2019 It’s National Day of Prayer Praise the Lord in Love and Prayers Amen
Posted on 05/02/2019 by MIISRAEL Bride
On The Other Side Of Suffering Is Greatness | David Goggins (1810 hits)
Suffering is painful and potentially traumatizing but we've all been there. In this video, retired US Navy SEAL David Goggins breaks down the reality of suffering and how you can turn it into your fuel. David's book Can't Hurt Me is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon http://geni.us/mvcanthurtme Follow
Posted on 04/22/2019 by Elly Moss
As we celebrate Easter.... (1680 hits)
This holiday means different things to different people. Initially we are taught in the Christian belief system that it marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God's son. Another aspect we honor is acknowledging the changing of the seasons, Spring is here! It is mating season for many species
Posted on 04/20/2019 by Elly Moss
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